5 Quick Wins For Starting To Be A Guest On Podcasts

Five quick things you can start doing today that will help you begin to show up as the best possible podcast guest!


Determine your why for being a podcast guest.

There are many wrong reasons for wanting to be a guest on podcasts, like these: Trying to sell your product or service. Trying to grow your influence or celebrity. Most people say, “Hey, what the heck? Why waste my time then?” Podcasting is about two things, developing know, like, and trust with listeners and positively impacting the lives of people who listen to you. Your goal: “Seek to be a person of value, not a person of profit.” Don’t show up to sell something. Show up to serve people and ultimately change someone’s life for the better who listens. I encourage you to sit down and get your mindset right about why you’re getting into podcast guesting.


Create an ideal listener that you ultimately want to speak to.

Take the time to define/create an avatar of who you always want to be speaking to on podcasts. (Then, only go on podcasts that have that type of listener.) You should develop your stories, and experiences that you share in a way that you can share them that will impact this avatar that you’ve created. Your job is to change their life by them hearing you speak on a podcast! I encourage you to take this seriously, it will always help you get on the right podcasts and avoid the wrong ones. Before getting on a show, ask yourself “Would my avatar listen to this show?” If the answer is no, don’t get on the show, if yes, go for it!


Come up with your default answers to bad questions from hosts.

This sounds rude, and I certainly don’t mean it that way, I just want to help prepare you. Many hosts ask really bad questions. You need to be ready to answer them in a way that will actually serve the audience. The worst question you will be asked is this, “Tell the listeners about yourself?” You need to come up with a 1-minute response to this that is interesting and informative to the listeners. The next bad question is “Where can listeners find out more about you?” This is your singular CTA, which we’ll get into in a future point) Listen for other bad questions, find a way to turn it back to the host in a way that they can ask a much better question that serves listeners.


Start off using the right gear so hosts take you seriously.

Many people who want to get into podcast guesting don’t invest in the proper setup. This hinders them from getting on shows, or creates a bad experience for listeners if they do get on shows. I highly encourage you to make the minimal investment of a good microphone and a camera. Get your background right, avoid the use of virtual backgrounds, as it immediately creates a subconscious level of mistrust (People don’t know where you are) I’m not asking you to spend 10k on this setup, or even 1k, you can get everything you need (top-line) for under $500.00! Bonus point here, you can sell this gear for what you bought it for, so if you decide that podcast guesting isn’t for you, you can just sell it!


Build a media one sheet for podcast hosts.

A media one sheet is a single page explaining everything a podcast host would need to know about you and what you talk about. Many people use PDF, I recommend creating a digital one sheet (a web page) so that you can just send the link to podcast hosts. This should contain everything from photos, bio, links, and even ideas for topics and questions you’re ready to answer. The idea is a host should be able to look at this page and not have any questions for you. They should be ready to interview you on the topic you want to cover!

Want 5 More Quick Wins?

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