5 Quick Wins For Podcast Hosts

Five quick things you can start doing today that will grow and improve your podcast!

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Revisit your WHY and write your avatar’s story.

If you’ve never taken the time to sit down and draft up the why for doing your podcast – It’s time to do that. Take pen and paper only, go somewhere that inspires you, and think about WHY you’re doing what you do with your podcast. Once complete, the next step is to create an avatar (ideal listener), write their story, and give them a name. Finally, ask yourself every time you record: “Is this helping my avatar?” If the answer is yes, do it; if it’s no, don’t.


Start getting one new listener every day.

One of my favorite ways to grow my podcast (and business) is by doing things that don’t scale. Talking to an ideal listener who matches your avatar every day isn’t something scalable, but it will bring you one new listener every single day! It doesn’t sound like much. Well, it adds up! After 365 days, you’ve got 365 more weekly listeners! That puts you in the top 10% of all active podcasts and the top 1% on ListenNotes. Build a relationship with them, don’t spam your link. It pays off quicker than you realize.


Start asking listeners for honest feedback.

Many of us don’t ask our listeners what they think of the podcast. The excuse is, “I never get feedback about my show!” That’s because you have to be the one to reach out. Anyone who likes your episode on social leaves a comment or messages/emails you about it; immediately take the opportunity to get them on a 5-10 minute call to thank them for listening and to ask them for feedback. The next big mistake is that people ask the wrong questions. Ask these questions: “What do you think we could do to improve the show for future listeners?” and “If there was one thing that would make this show worth listening to every week, what would it be?”


Get more Apple reviews for your podcast.

If you’ve ever tried getting reviews for your podcast, you know how difficult it can be. Thankfully, this is no longer a difficult task for podcasters! With the recent launch of PodLottery, you now have a fun (completely free) way to win listens and Apple reviews for your podcast! Don’t underestimate the value of these reviews – Join PodLottery, and check it every day!


Get your podcast production organized.

There is only one thing that every single top 1% podcast has in common. Want to know what it is? They’ve got their production organized! Most indie podcasters say, “I’ll do that later.” You cannot become a top-rated podcast without first getting organized. Don’t be part of the 99% who are a mess! Sticky notes, Excel sheets, whiteboards, and other methods lead to a disorganized mind and show. Thankfully, Workflows by PodMatch solves this problem for you immediately. It’s project management software specifically for podcasters! Be like the top 1%!

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