5 Quick Wins For Podcast Guests

Five quick things you can start doing today that will help you level up as a podcast guest!


Determine your purpose for being a podcast guest.

If you’ve never taken the time to sit down and draft up the WHY for being a guest on a podcast – It’s time to do that. Take pen and paper only, go somewhere that inspires you, and think about WHY you’re getting on podcasts as a guest, and what value you add. Once complete, the next step is to create an avatar (ideal listener), write their story, and give them a name. Finally, ask yourself whenever you’re pitching to be a guest on a podcast: “Is their audience my avatar?” If the answer is yes, do it; if it’s no, don’t.


Stop focusing on download numbers.

Start thinking about your specific niche. The best shows to be a guest on are never the largest. They are always the ones with the most specific audience that is known by the host. If listeners align with your why then you’ll be able to add a ton of value and receive a return on investment! It’s been said, “The riches are in the niches!” (It’s true!)


Get professional pictures taken of yourself.

If you want to get booked as a guest on more podcasts, have some high-quality approved media photos of yourself. Not just the standard headshot, but also some fun ones that capture your personality. The more options you have available, the easier you make the host’s job to promote you. Without pictures, they have nothing to share. Make their job easy, and you’ll be rewarded with more promotional content!


Create a singular call to action for listeners to follow.

If you want to succeed as a podcast guest, you must limit yourself to ONE single call to action. This is the part of the podcast where the host says, “Where can listeners learn more about you?” You have to say only one thing; it needs to be quick and free for them, along with easy to remember. The clearer you articulate the ‘quick win’ value, and the easier it is for them to access, the better your conversion will be!


Build a media one sheet for podcast hosts.

A media one sheet is a single page explaining everything a podcast host would need to know about you and what you talk about. Many people use PDF, I recommend creating a digital one sheet (a web page) so that you can just send the link to podcast hosts. This should contain everything from photos, bio, links, and even ideas for topics and questions you’re ready to answer. The idea is a host should be able to look at this page and not have any questions for you. They should be ready to interview you on the topic you want to cover!

Want 5 More Quick Wins?

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