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Who is the owner of PodMatch?

Who is the owner of PodMatch?

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

A common question on social media and popular forums like Reddit and Quora is this: “Who is the owner of PodMatch?” In this blog post, we’ll answer this question and give you the full rundown of every person involved in the company from an ownership and staff level.

NOTE: If you’re here because you keep hearing about Alex Sanfilippo but don’t know what PodMatch is, here is my synopsis: is a website that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts for interviews. It works like a dating app, but it matches you for podcast interviews instead of dates.

Now, I won’t keep you waiting; let’s get straight to the answer to your burning question…

Who is the owner of PodMatch?

Alex Sanfilippo is the founder, CEO, and owner of PodMatch. Alex is devoted to leveraging his position within the podcasting industry to serve independent podcast hosts and their guests.

If you want to learn more about Alex Sanfilippo, you can read his full bio on his website. He dives deep into his entire background and even hints at what the future holds for him.

Now let’s get into more details…

If you were only wondering who the owner of PodMatch is, you can stop here. If you want more details on Alex and PodMatch, in the rest of this blog post, we’ll dive further into Alex Sanfilippo’s ownership of PodMatch and the other partners involved. Plus, I’ll share their bootstrapped launch details and why they never decided to accept capital. Lastly, I’ll give you a breakdown of the entire PodMatch team.

The PodMatch Partners Besides Alex Sanfilippo

Alex Sanfilippo is 1 of 3 partners involved in PodMatch; the others are Alecia Sanfilippo and Jesse Hunter. More about Alecia and Jesse:

Alecia Sanfilippo

Alecia Sanfilippo, Alex’s wife, has been instrumental in the success of PodMatch. She is regularly referred to as “the engine that keeps the whole thing running.” Alecia has a professional background in entrepreneurship (online business), retail management, operations, and customer service. Given her diverse experience and skill set, Alecia is able to maintain control of the daily operations and member/community support.

Jesse Hunter

Jesse Hunter is a master-level software developer who has never met a coding problem he couldn’t solve in minutes. He is regularly referred to as “more valuable than a team of 20 developers working 24/7.” Jesse has a professional background comprising developmental contracts for many companies he’s not allowed to name. Given his vast knowledge of code, Jesse is able to keep the backend of PodMatch clean and secure for the members to have a safe and enjoyable experience!

💡 When you think about who the owner of PodMatch is, imagine Alex, Alecia, and Jesse! They’re a team that has built this together from day one.

PodMatch’s Bootstrapped Launch

On March 10th, 2020, Alex, Alecia, and Jesse finalized a legal contract as the three founders of PodMatch, and put $5,000.00 into the PodMatch business bank account. They launched the software into early beta on June 15th, 2020, and never looked back.

Thankfully, the trio never had to infuse more money into the business. Within three months, they turned a profit and started investing in the business (as they privately committed to doing when they launched.) On March 7th, 2022, Alex, Alecia, and Jesse took their first paychecks from PodMatch after 20 months of reinvestment into the business.

The critical takeaway is that PodMatch is bootstrapped only by the three founding members, who only had to make one initial investment into the business and never had to repeat this action.

Why PodMatch is Avoiding Raising Capital

Alex Sanfilippo told us that when the question, “Who is the owner of PodMatch?” is asked, he always wants to be able to raise his hand, not from a place of pride, but instead from a place of service and having a single agenda. Here’s what Alex said:

Alongside Alecia Sanfilippo and Jesse Hunter, when someone asks who the owner of PodMatch is, I always want to say, “It’s me.” Not because I need the title or validation. I couldn’t care less about that. I want to maintain this level of control by never raising outside capital or selling ownership of the company so we can continue to do what we believe is best to serve the independent podcast hosts and guests at the highest level. Sometimes, the right decision isn’t the profitable decision – I don’t want to have to fight people to do what’s right.Alex Sanfilippo

Because PodMatch has not accepted any outside capital and has no plans to sell the business, it has allowed them to “do things that don’t scale,” as they say. A recent example was deciding to work on accessibility for the blind members of their community/software.

If you want to see some of the benefits of not raising capital has been on PodMatch, here are some examples:

Who the owner of PodMatch Has Brought Onto The Team

Running lean is a passion shared by all 3 of the founders of PodMatch. They’ve decided to consistently recommit to doing LESS, not more.

  • Alex Sanfilippo (CEO)
  • Alecia Sanfilippo (COO)
  • Jesse Hunter (CTO)
  • Alex F. (Podcast editor, part-time)
  • David M. (Video editor, part-time)
  • Skylar J. (Admin, part-time)

… That’s all! Again, PodMatch is an extremely lean team, intentionally. They like to put as much money back into the hands of podcasters as possible. Because of this, they’ve decided to continuously refocus on only what makes podcasting better for the people they serve while skipping the rest.

Who is the owner of PodMatch Serving?

Alex, Alecia, and Jesse are all devout followers of Jesus from the Bible. Because of this, they are devoted to living a life of service. Each of them feels called explicitly to the podcasting industry. They have made it clear that they are in this business to serve independent podcast hosts and guests because they believe in elevating people’s voices to serve the world, ultimately making it a better place.


If you only started reading this post to learn who the owner of PodMatch is, thanks for hanging around. I know the rest of this was also valuable! What’s most important for you to know about PodMatch and its owners is that they are wholeheartedly in this business to serve independent podcasters to the best of their abilities. Their reputation speaks for itself as the creators of the single most helpful software solution in the entire podcasting industry!