Some ideas for desired topics that we’d like to have covered during the event:

Hosts Track (Speaking to Podcast Hosts) Ideas:

  • Finding Guests
    • How to Find the Right Guests to be on Your Podcast
    • Should I have Celebrities and Influencers on My Podcast or “Normal” People?
    • How to Get Big-Name Guests on My Podcast
    • How to Get Guests to Share the Episode They Were On
  • Audience Growth
    • How to Get More Podcast Listeners
    • How to Grow My Podcast Organically
    • Getting More Downloads for Your Podcast
    • Apple reviews add authority, here’s how you can get more for your show.
  • Improving You as a Podcast Host
    • How to Become the Best Possible Podcast Host for Your Listeners
    • 5 Ways to Overcome the Feeling of Gilt as a Podcaster
    • What Should I do if an Episode I recorded Isn’t Good?
    • Improve your interview skills to stand out as a podcaster in the industry.
  • Best Practices
    • Should I Do “PodSwaps” with Other Podcasters?
    • How to Tell People Wanting to Be a Guest on Your Podcast “No” without Feeling Bad or Guilty
    • Working on your show’s WHY to get a purpose behind your show
  • Podcast Show Organization
    • How to Stay Organized and Never Fall Behind on Releasing Episodes
  • Monetization Strategies
    • Learn some of the top ways to leverage your podcast for revenue!
    • How to offset my podcasting cost
    • How to quit my job to podcast full time
    • How to turn my podcast into a business

Guest Track (Speaking to Podcast Guests) Ideas:

  • Guesting Best Practices
    • How to answer bad questions from podcast hosts.
    • Learn how to ensure that listeners will talk about you after hearing you on a podcast.
    • Learn to become every podcast host’s favorite guest so you get more opportunities.
  • How to Convert Listeners into Customers
    • How to market a new book that I’m releasing
    • how to sell more books on amazon using podcasts
    • Learn to create a powerful call to action and sales funnel to drive revenue from your guesting efforts.
    • how to build an audience for your book
    • There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Conduct a Digital Book Tour
  • Getting on More Podcasts
    • How to Start Being a Guest on More Podcasts
    • How to Have More Podcast Shows Say “Yes” to You Being a Guest
    • How to stop wasting time trying to get on podcasts and start finding the right ones.
  • Using Podcast Guesting as Marketing
    • The Number One Way to Sell Your Services and Grow Your Business
    • Your First Move to Building a Successful Online Business
    • how to use podcast guesting for marketing
    • how to build an audience for your business


  1. Writing/coming up with a good bio for podcast hosts to read at the beginning of podcast episodes about you. (How to make it meaningful)
  2. The importance of getting good pictures of yourself (what they should look like, how/where to take them, etc.)
  3. Best New Tools & Gear (Make sure you’re not wasting money on podcasting stuff you don’t need. Learn the best options for you.)
  4. Show + Website Branding (Step up your visibility game and improve your quality by getting hands-on help from branding experts.)
  5. Taxes for Podcasters (You could be saving a lot of money on taxes every year by being a podcaster. Learn how from our CPA.)
  6. Legal for Podcasters (Is your podcast protected? Have you done any trademarking of your IP? Learn from our lawyer.)