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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

The Secret to Getting Your Podcast on the Apple Top Charts

The Secret to Getting Your Podcast on the Apple Top Charts

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Getting on the top charts affects your influence and your bottom line. Adam will share how he’s seen dozens of shows literally get ranked in the top charts by following these 5 simple steps, and give you the formula you need to use to grow your audience today. Algorithms either work against you or, if you’re smart, they can work FOR you. Triggering the podcast algorithms can actually give you the listenership and visibility you need to leave your legacy and monetize your show.

Adam will share the 5 simple steps he has used to get dozens of podcasts to rank on the Apple top charts. It’s easier than you think and the benefits pay tremendous dividends. Since podcast platforms know nearly 90% of podcasts quit before 10 episodes, it’s become very challenging to get their attention and let them know you’re here to stay and you’ve got a lot of value to give. Adam has found that there are 5 things any podcaster can do to increase their visibility and even trigger the podcast algorithms. By using them, in the right order, Adam’s seen dozens of podcasts go from zero to hero. The added exposure could increase your impact and your income.


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What could you be missing out on if your podcast never made the top charts? Or is that just a vanity metric? I really think it’s important for your podcast to rank in the top charts. If you do not, you are missing out on two things that every podcaster wants:

  • They want to have an impact on humanity.
  • They want to make money with their podcasts.

Unfortunately, if you do not find a way to get your podcast into the top charts, you will not achieve either.

That’s why I want to share with you one of the most remarkable and foolproof methods you can use to get your podcast into the top charts. I call it the 5 3 5 system.

This is the best way to get platforms like Podkite, Chartable, and ListenNotes to take notice and push your show in front of new listeners. I have used this exact system with my podcast and other people’s podcasts.

First, I’ll share five things that need to happen. Then I’ll give you three platforms to focus on. And finally, I’ll give you five considerations on how to make your efforts even more effective.

Podcast on Apple Top Chart

The First 5 That Need To Happen

  1. You need people to follow your podcast and subscribe to your show.
  2. Those who follow your show need to download the episodes.
  3. Then they need to listen.
  4. Those who listen to the podcast need to give you social proof by leaving an honest rating or written review.
  5. The fifth and final point is that they need to keep returning to the podcast.

If you want to trigger algorithms, these five things need to happen. This is how you get your podcast to the top of the charts. When people search for a show in your niche, your podcast will appear right up there at the top.

The 3 Platforms You Should Use,, and These are the platforms my team uses when we implement the 5 3 5 system in our podcast or in other people’s podcasts.

I love these three platforms because you can identify your podcast avatar. The goal is to target people who match your avatar with a direct messaging campaign.
Of all the marketing strategies we’ve used in the past to grow podcasts (Facebook ads, blogs, advertising on other podcasts, etc.), the direct messaging campaign is one of the best. Especially when done right (I’ll show you how).

The 5 Fundamental Considerations

This is where most people fail, so pay close attention.

  1. DMs need to be short and to the point.
  2. Never share a link without permission.
  3. Ask, don’t tell. Whether you or a virtual assistant is creating these DMs, never forget this important fact.
  4. DMs need to be personalized. Don’t create a blanket template and send it to a thousand people. If you do, you’ll be flagged and platforms like Facebook will block you.
  5. Play it slow. The idea behind this is that when we ask for something, we’re often looking to get more. Are you looking to get married? Maybe you’re not married yet. Or perhaps you’re looking for a second spouse. In either case, it’s unlikely that you’ll find someone and immediately get down on one knee and say, “Marry me. That’s not how we do it. We slow play it and you need to have the same attitude when you send those private messages.

When I say take it slow, I mean take your time. It’s not uncommon for these DM campaigns to take 3-6 months. They take time and effort. The upside is that you gain a lasting listener base that loves and shares your podcast. Then you start to rank as the algorithms of the podcast platforms start to promote you.

So make sure you slow play all your messages.

You could say something like, “Hey name, I saw X, Y, Z about you. That’s cool. How did you get into that?”

The second message might then be, “Great, if I want to do the same thing, what would you recommend?”

The third message, “I really appreciate your time. It means a lot to me. Can I ask you XYZ?”

You can tell that this message is positive. It’s short and to the point. You haven’t sent a link yet and you haven’t even talked about your podcast.

You’re getting to know the person because that’s how a natural conversation goes.

If you do it this way, your DMS will be extremely effective. For example, we’ve a high percentage of people who actually respond to our posts. More than 50% of them end up subscribing to the podcast.

Because of those natural connections, we can eventually get to the point where we say something like, “I wonder if you’ve heard of the podcast XYZ, because it’s about something similar, and you’re going through that right now.”

Many respond, “I’ve never heard of that podcast.” To which my team responds, “I thought of that because you said XYZ about yourself. I wonder if I should send you the link?”

Remember, ask, don’t tell. Don’t be like all the other people who try to push things on people.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have listeners, you may as well just be doing a diary. However, when you implement the 5 3 5 strategy, you’re going to get in front of many more people organically. It’s going to be impossible not to leave your impact on the world or finally monetize your show.

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