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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

The Business of Sales

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

The content detailed below is an appearance delivered by Alex Sanfilippo, either from a live/virtual stage for an event or a podcast interview with Alex as the guest. If you want to book Alex as a guest on your Podcast, click here.

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I’m Katie. I’m Morris’s daughter and the Executive Producer for TBOS. I usually write these descriptions as though Dad wrote them, or in 3rd person with great information about our guest. Today’s different… You see, this was probably one of my absolute favorite episodes to edit since I started doing this for dad over a year ago! I was so excited when I took over and started using Podmatch to get us high-quality guests. Then, Alex Sanfilippo himself agreed to be on the podcast- and I find out he seriously listens to what we’re doing AND likes it AND thinks we’re doing the right things to help our listeners?!?!?

I have never enjoyed editing a podcast more and I pray you as the listener get that same joy today listening to Alex and Morris chat! There are some great, practical ideas they discuss that you can most definitely use as you tackle 2023!

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