Apply to Be Featured On The PodcastSOP Template Gallery


Here’s my PodcastSOP template to view as an example:

^ If we use your submitted template, we’ll post it on our YouTube channel, share it on our social media and feature it on PodcastSOP like my example above. (Which will include links to your website and podcast!)

The coolest thing is that PodcastSOP members will be able to select your template, customize it for themselves, and use it for the production workflow of their own show. (That’s what this is all about, helping other podcasters!)

I’m excited about this because, for you, this is a unique way to grow your show and spread the word about it while at the same time helping other podcasters! (#winwin) Thanks in advance for leaving a legacy and supporting other podcast creators!



(You don’t have to be using PodcastSOP to submit)


Next steps – After we approve your application, via email:
(No action required right now, this is just for your understanding of the process)


Video formatting options:

  • You, on-screen with no slides or visuals.
  • You, on-screen with a whiteboard behind you or notecards.
  • Having the words appear on screen without fully sharing your screen (I used Prezi to do this in my template).
  • A full-on walkthrough by sharing your screen while you explain

Video flow recommendation:

  • Do not use this video to self-promote. We’ll be linking to you and including your details. Get straight into it, and end when you’re done. No CTA to find you.
  • Make sure the video and audio are both high quality.
  • Make sure that your video is evergreen. (Don’t mention current events or dates)
  • If you don’t use PodcastSOP, that’s fine, but do not reference other tools like Trello, Notion, Asana, etc. (If you do, we cannot use your video)

Submit a list of your SOP steps:

  • We’ll also need an excel file (or google sheets file) of each step in your SOP, as you list it out in your video so that we can add it into PodcastSOP as the template that accompanies your video.
  • Please make sure your SOP steps are not specifically curated for your show, but instead, general so others can use the template for themselves. (Remove team member names, remove internal verbiage, make it so someone else could use it easily!)


For inspiration, please watch my SOP template video if you haven’t already: