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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?


Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

The content detailed below is an appearance delivered by Alex Sanfilippo, either from a live/virtual stage for an event or a podcast interview with Alex as the guest. If you want to book Alex as a guest on your Podcast, click here.

Overview of content

Alex Sanfilippo is the founder of, a software that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts for interviews. Alex is also the host of the top-rated podcast, Podcasting Made Simple, and a lead educator in the podcasting industry. Alex’s sole focus is to serve independent podcast guests and hosts so they can grow their influence and revenue so they can better serve their listeners!

More importantly, Alex is a man of faith who truly puts service to others, specifically his customers before his bottom line. A view that is very uncommon in today’s version of “me first” capitalism. His model of success is one that other companies should follow. When you truly put customers and reliability of your product, the profit will follow.

Alex is one of those rare genuine humans who cares about his customer’s success more than his own.

I was honored to have him on the show and grateful for the platform that he has developed.

To find out more about Alex, check out his website at

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