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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

PodPros Purchases Popular Podcast and Announces The Launch of The PodPros Podcast Network

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

PodPros purchases a popular educational podcast titled ‘Podcasting Made Simple’ and adds the show to their website along with the launch of the PodPros Podcast Network.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – PodPros, a software company focused specifically on creating solutions for the podcasting industry, purchases a popular podcast hosted by Aaron Weinbaum focused on helping podcasters, titled ‘Podcasting Made Simple.’ In addition, PodPros announces the launch of their podcast network and has immediately opened the application for existing shows to apply to join.

About the show purchased by PodPros: Podcasting Made Simple is a podcast about podcasting. Aaron Weinbaum takes on listener questions and gives out tips to make the lives of podcasters simple – without the headaches and fancy equipment. Ultimately, the show helps aspiring podcast hosts get their content out there while sounding great without breaking the bank.

Alex Sanfilippo, founder of PodPros, said, “Aaron Weinbaum is a legend in the podcasting space and has done a phenomenal job educating and serving podcasters globally, which is something that is very well aligned with my personal values and the mission behind PodPros. This made approaching Aaron to purchase the podcast a no-brainer for us!”

When asked about the sale of his podcast, Aaron Weinbaum said,

“Podcasting Made Simple started out as a group that helped people start a podcast, back during a time where that type of information wasn’t readily available, easy to execute, or cost-effective.

Throughout the years, more and more innovations have made things easier, and the Podcasting Made Simple brand evolved as well. The questions started moving away from how to podcast and became geared more toward making money and finding guests… things that I never envisioned would be prevalent questions for Podcasting Made Simple. Basically, I have taken the Podcasting Made Simple brand as far as I can, and I am proud to announce that the Podcasting Made Simple brand now falls under the PodPros umbrella. PodPros will be able to answer the questions I cannot and steer you in the right direction.

I would never transfer this brand over to anyone unless I believed in their integrity, or their ability to take the brand to the next level. I believe with all my heart PodPros is the perfect fit for the future of this brand.

As for me, I’m sure I’ll be starting a new brand soon related to podcasting, and hopefully, I’ll still be involved with the Podcasting Made Simple brand in some capacity. Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this brand so successful and take pride in the fact we have all helped literally 1000s of people achieve their podcasting dreams.)”

PodPros Podcast Network Prerequisites:

  1. The network will be limited strictly to podcasts that are members of
  2. The show must have a narrow specific niche or specific focus.
  3. The host of the show must have a process for releasing content. (I.E. they use a tool like

(If a host feels they qualify based on the above 3 prerequisites, they can apply by emailing and stating their desire to be considered for the network.)

What’s Happening With Aaron and Podcasting Made Simple?

  • The show will go on. It will continue to produce content that helps podcasters – Additionally, it will also help podcast guests better understand the equipment and tools they’ll need to succeed in podcast guesting. It will now be focused on both sides of the mic.
  • Aaron will no longer be hosting the show, although he will likely still be involved.
  • Buzz Wood will become the host of the show. (Learn more about Buzz here.)

Buzz Wood shared the following comment about taking over the show and being the first host on the PodPros Podcast network, “I’m excited to host the show that will help podcasters understand the equipment and tools to get their voice out into the world as well as some of the best practices using those tools!”

When asked for more details about this acquisition and launch of the new PodPros Podcast Network, Alex Sanfilippo stated, “Over the last year, we’ve really seen the value of shows being in a network. It turns into a huge win for all parties involved. Our continuous focus is to help our podcasters win on all levels and ultimately serve the listeners. For us, this was a logical next move to support those we care about.”