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PodPros (PodMatch) Sponsors Refugee Soccer Team In Jacksonville, Florida (They Won The Final!)

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

PodMatch sponsored a team in a local soccer league in Jacksonville called All Nations Soccer League. (Check out our logo on the jersey in the picture, yep, that’s me!) I’ve had the opportunity to play on this team, FC Alumni. (Yes, we’re the old guys haha)

Something I love is that this soccer league is focused on bringing together all nations around the game of soccer. There are refugees from 85 countries represented! (It’s been amazing meeting so many people from different backgrounds)

Here’s the part I’m excited about: FC Alumni just made the final!!! The playoffs were tough, but we persevered! This coming Saturday, FC Alumni will be playing, in our PodMatch jerseys, in the final at the Jacksonville University stadium!

THANK YOU PodMatch members!!! You enabled us to be able to sponsor this team and made it possible for FC Alumni to be part of All Nation Soccer League. Go team PodMatch!

UPDATE 05/07/2022:

A couple of weeks ago I posted about PodMatch sponsoring a soccer team in All Nations Soccer League. Quick update: WE WON THE FINAL!!!

Such an exciting team to be part of, and really cool that PodMatch was the sponsor (Winners use PodMatch??? idk)

Thankful for this amazing experience. Honored to be part of the team and to have been able to sponsor! Just wanted to update everyone.