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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

PodMatch Purchases to Expand Member Base

PodMatch Purchases to Expand Member Base

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

PodMatch makes a significant strategic move by purchasing another company in the podcast interview booking space,

“I am thrilled to announce that PodMatch has purchased, another major player in the podcast host and guest matching space. This acquisition was a strategic move that both Brent Basham (Founder of Poddit) and I agreed upon to be the best possible move to further support the podcasting industry. In this post I’ve included the official press release, see below.”

Thank you for your continued support of PodMatch,
Alex Sanfilippo (Founder of PodMatch)


PodMatch Acquires Poddit, Increasing Their Member Base to 20,000 Podcast Guests and Hosts

As PodMatch continues to grow and establish themselves as the industry leader in the podcast interview booking space, they’ve acquired another major player in the podcasting industry, Poddit, as an initiative to continue to grow their network of podcast hosts and guests to be matched for interviews.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – PodMatch, a podcast booking service that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts together to record high-quality podcast interviews, has purchased a similar service, Poddit. The sale was made public today. The assets included in the purchase consist of the entire Poddit userbase containing a combined 3,500 podcast guests and hosts, the source code of the Poddit website, and DNS ownership of the domain name, and the 6,500-member Poddit Facebook group.

“I felt strongly that the decision to acquire Poddit would be a valuable strategic move to support our members,” said PodMatch founder Alex Sanfilippo. “Importing thousands of members to our database at once will add a new level of diversity and talent to our platform.”

Brent Basham, the Founder of Poddit, said,

“It’s important to me to continue helping people connect for new podcast interviews. I know the best move is for Poddit to join the PodMatch ecosystem, helping serve our industry at a whole new level.”

The combined analytics of Poddit and PodMatch show that the two companies have assisted podcast guests and hosts in the booking of 13,000 podcast interviews and now have nearly 20,000 members, making PodMatch the podcasting industry’s primary solution for booking interviews.

The two parties have not disclosed the amount of the sale.

PodMatch will be discontinuing the Poddit website but will keep it running until August 31st to allow Poddit users to complete outstanding conversations and bookings and transfer their profile information and media to their new PodMatch accounts. Throughout that time, the staff at PodMatch will be helping Poddit members get their PodMatch profiles set up and provide training on how to use the system. Additionally, the PodMatch team will assume administrative control of the Facebook group and will continue serving the community to ensure that it remains active and healthy.