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PodMatch Founder Goes Public With Company’s Money Back Guarantee Policy

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

The text below is from Alex Sanfilippo’s social media accounts, where he shared a public /readable version of their Money Back Guarantee policy. (NOTE: They also have an official, legal version, but they admit, as all companies should, it’s not readable by the average person. So Alex and the team at PodMatch decided to level up their guarantee and take it public.)

Alex and the PodMatch team posted this to provide people peace of mind when considering PodMatch.

Alex’s Transparent Money-Back Post

Here are the direct links on each of the platforms to read what Alex shared. (Or, below, you can read the transcript)

Transcription of the Post

IMPORTANT: I’m going public with PodMatch’s Money Back Guarantee policy.

One of the biggest initial complaints I receive from people who want to check out PodMatch is that it’s fully paywalled. (There’s no way to use it until you’ve paid for it.) Some people admit the following: “PodMatch seems too good to be true. But if it works, it’s certainly worth it! If it doesn’t work, can I get my money back?” To this question, the answer is always “Yes!” And we have a money-back guarantee policy that confirms this.

Because most software companies don’t honor their money-back guarantee, there is a (deserved) level of mistrust. Also, the legal jargon confuses people, so you don’t actually know what the guarantee is.

For the sake of transparency, accountability, and adding an extra level of confidence in the legitimacy of PodMatch’s Money Back Guarantee, I’m going to spell it out here (in English).

If you’re not 100% satisfied with PodMatch after testing it for 28 days, email us and let us know you’d like a refund. There is no risk involved for you. We’ll happily refund you and completely remove your data from our system.

If you do not receive a full refund from PodMatch, I ask that you post it here in the comments to warn others who may be considering signing up for PodMatch that we do not keep our word.

The heart behind PodMatch is to serve podcast hosts and podcast guests. If we cannot add value to your journey in podcasting, we don’t want your money. This will always be our stance.


If being part of a premium network of podcast guests and hosts + simplifying podcasting at the same time is something that you want to do, then Alex and the PodMatch team urge you to take them up on this money-back guarantee, no-risk opportunity to check out the PodMatch community! Enjoy!