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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

PodMatch Acquires PodcastSOP and Merges It into PodMatch as a Free Addon for Podcast Host Members

PodMatch Acquires PodcastSOP and Merges It into PodMatch as a Free Add-On for Podcast Host Members

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

As PodMatch continues to grow and establish themselves as the industry leader in the podcast interview booking space, they’ve acquired another major player in the podcasting industry, PodcastSOP, as an initiative to continue to help support podcasters as they release value-adding episodes for their listeners.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA –, a podcast booking service that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts together to record high-quality podcast interviews, has acquired a project management software, PodcastSOP, that helps podcast hosts streamline and manage their episode releases. PodMatch immediately added all of the PodcastSOP features into the PodMatch dashboard and includes it as a free add-on for all active PodMatch podcast host members.

To read Alex Sanfilippo’s social media post about Workflows, see the Media/Resources section for links at the bottom of this post.

What is Workflows

Workflows by PodMatch (Formally PodcastSOP) is a free project management tool exclusively for helping podcast hosts on PodMatch simplify their episode production. The vision of workflows is to help podcasters avoid burnout through the ability to simplify and effectively manage their podcast episode releases in an organized manner.

How to Use Workflows in 6 Steps:

  1. Enable the freely included Workflows plugin by clicking below
  2. Use the built-in episode release template or create your own
  3. Press one button to auto-generate your episode production checklist
  4. Work through and check off each step leading up to episode releases
  5. See a snapshot of completed steps and what still needs to be done
  6. Once you complete production for an episode, repeat steps 3-5

What happens to existing PodcastSOP members:

All members who formally using PodcastSOP have been relocated to Workflows on PodMatch. They’ve not lost any of their current or past episodes. They’ve also kept their templates and team members. No data or work has been lost. It picks up exactly where it left off for them with no interruptions.

How PodMatch members can access Workflows:

If you’re an existing PodMatch member, to begin using Workflows, all you need to do is open the navigation menu at the top left of the logo. Then, you’ll see Workflows on the list; click that. Once you’re there, press “Activate,” and you’ll have full access to Workflows!

If you’re currently listed as a team member on someone’s PodcastSOP account, you can access Workflows by visiting using your same login credentials. (Security feature to note: The system will automatically require you to reset your password.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re on a legacy PodMatch Basis plan, you need to first update to a Standard or Professional plan to begin utilizing Workflows.

Details on Workflows beta test:

Since November 1, 2023, just over 150 people have been testing and using Workflows to ensure a smooth transition for PodcastSOP members and new members who will utilize the service. The consistent report is that Workflows doesn’t just work well, but it’s actually better than what was available through PodcastSOP.

When asked for a statement on this acquisition/merger, founder of PodMatch Alex Sanfilippo said the following:

“We got into the podcasting space to enable creators to be able to share their message with the world. In order to do that well, we knew that we had to simplify everything we possibly could for them. Having one login, and one bill will help continue ensure that this happens for podcasters. The decision did cost us, but we’re okay with that because it is in-line with our vision to help equip podcasters to stick with it long-term!” – Alex Sanfilippo