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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

Media Techniques for Expanding Influence and Client Attraction

Media Techniques for Expanding Influence and Client Attraction

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Discover media techniques and secrets to becoming omnipresent in the digital landscape and creating a global presence that attracts your ideal clients, even while you sleep or travel the world. In this blog post, Dr. Barrett Matthews reveals the power of leveraging various media platforms to convey your message directly to those actively seeking your expertise. Say goodbye to chasing leads and hello to the strategies that will revolutionize your approach to marketing your business. Get ready to unleash the power of global influence and elevate your business to new heights!





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Hello, everybody. I am Dr. Barrett Matthews, and I want to talk to you about something I think many of you have heard before. I know I have plenty of time. And that is the expression that you can’t be in two places simultaneously.

Well, I want to challenge that. That’s right. I want to challenge that thought process and make you consider something. Not only can you be in two places at one time, but it’s possible to be in at least five places simultaneously.

“Not only can you be in two places at one time, but it’s possible to you to be in at least five places at one time.”

You can be in more than two places, one place, five places, whatever, at once, by simply using media. I honestly believe that if more people use media in their lives and businesses, they could capture more leads, clients, and revenue. So let me explain to you what I’m saying. I like to use the example of the famous comedian Kevin Hart.

I think everybody knows Kevin Hart. He’s been in movies, TV. You probably see him in every commercial you look at right now. Well, here’s the thing about Kevin Hart that many people don’t think about, and I hear this a lot from people sometimes. He’s everywhere. He’s doing too much.

Executing These Media Techniques by Design

This is by design because no matter what, whether you’re consciously thinking about it or not, subconsciously, he is getting in your head that he is everywhere, and he’s making sure that you will see him. He’s making sure you are going to hear him. Why? Because it’s by design in Hollywood. He knows that you don’t just stay famous by osmosis.

You have to make those things happen. So what Kevin Hart has done, I want you to hear me out. I’m getting to something here. He’s made himself omnipresent. Yeah, he’s made himself omnipresent.

When it comes to his media platforms, so many of you may not know this or not. Kevin Hart has books. Yeah, he has books out there. Kevin Hart has audiobooks out there. He even has a podcast out there!

Kevin Hart has streaming TV shows on Netflix that he’s done. Kevin Hart has done documentary films. Of course, you know, he’s done feature films. You see him on television commercials. My point is that he has made it so he is everywhere.

Media Techniques that Put You Everywhere

Now, why is that important? If you are in business and you say that you want to get more clients, why aren’t you everywhere? I’m telling you, for business owners, it is imperative that you put yourself on various media platforms at the same time because in doing so, you can reach multiple audiences, but more importantly, you’ll reach the clients that want you, that want to pay you. You may have a book, and some may have books right now. You may have a great book.

It may be doing exceedingly well. It may be fantastic for you. But my point to you is this. The book may be doing great, but everybody that wants to be your client may not be a reader. You think about that.

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They may not be readers. They may be people that would rather, I don’t know, listen to a podcast. Perhaps they may be someone who might want to watch a Roku TV channel. They may be someone who likes to see the documentary film. They may be someone who lives on social media all the time.

But if you don’t have a presence there or are not working there or engaging with them there, guess what’s happening? They’re not finding you. And if they’re not seeing you, they’re not paying you, right? So you want to be where they are. So let’s look at this differently.

For instance, I’ll return to that area if you have a podcast. If you have a podcast and your podcast is getting 10,000 downloads per episode, and you’re happy because you’re making some money from those clients, I’m not saying stop doing the podcast. I would never say that. That would be wild. What I’m saying to you is this.

Avoid Limited Thinking

If you think that’s enough, then you’re limiting your thinking. Yeah, you’re limiting your review because a group of people out there want to pay you. I don’t think you heard me. I said they want to pay you. Do you hear me now?

They want to pay you, but they don’t necessarily listen to podcasts. There’s a group of people out there that watches Roku television all day long. They get their information from there. And if you’re not there, they don’t know where you are. They don’t know who you are.

They don’t know what you offer. But they may need what you have. They may need what you have. There are people out there who need you and want you but don’t know where you are. What we have to do as business owners, and this is where I step on some toes.

I hope you’re ready for this. This is where I step on some toes. We need to get out of our way. We need to. Here I go. We need to get out of what I call ego-based marketing.

And you’re saying, well, what’s ego-based marketing?

Most of us, and I was one of these people. I included myself in this. We market our business in a way that makes us comfortable. Yeah, in a way that makes us comfortable. So if you are comfortable in social media, if that’s how you get out your message to people just on social media because it makes you comfortable, then you’re only thinking about yourself because there are people out there. Remember, I mentioned this before who wants to be your clients, but they don’t get on social media?

They don’t…

  • get on podcasts only.
  • get on Roku TV only.
  • even watch documentaries only.

They may do something different—another media platform and other media techniques. I want you to understand something:

You’re included in this!

People, I need you to understand one thing, everybody and yourself included, consumes their information through one form of media or another, whether it be the newspaper, whether it be online, whether it be television, whether it be film, whether it be podcasting, radio, whatever. We consume our information through one form of media or another. What I’m telling you is this. If you don’t have a presence on various forms of media, dare I say all forms of media, you’re going to be missing people who want to pay you. You’ll miss people who need you because your ego got in the way, and you wanted to be comfortable.

Well, I’m here to tell you something. Success and comfort don’t mix. Now, success and comfort don’t mix. Success and convenience don’t mix. You have to get out there, and you got to make it happen.

“Success and comfort don’t mix. Success and convenience don’t mix. You have to get out there and you got to make it happen.”

It’s not always going to be easy setting all this stuff up. I’m just going, to be honest with you. It won’t always be easy setting it all up, but you can get someone to do it. You can get someone to do it because I would rather you do that than miss out on all these people who need you. Can you grasp how big this world is and how many people out there could use what you offer or how many people could partner with you, but they don’t know you because you’re not meeting them where they are?

Meet Them Where THEY Are

You’re trying to meet them where you are. Understand this. McDonald’s doesn’t come to your neighborhood, knock on your door, and say, hey, come on down the street. We’ve got some Big Macs to sell you. They don’t do that, do they?

No, they don’t. What McDonald’s does is they’ll put a Big Mac and a McDonald’s nearby so that when you want that Big Mac, you’ll know where it is and where to find it. They make themselves findable, which leads me to my next point. Many of us, and I mean many of us, have been led down the wrong path.

Two Wrong Media Techniques to Avoid

Some of these coaches, these trainers, and experts we’ve heard from have taught us some wrong things. And I want to touch on two of the wrong things they’ve taught us. One of them is that you need to find one area of media and drill down on so if it’s social media, drill down on social media. Get good at social media so you know how to work your social media and get it out to everybody. That’s wrong.

Why is it wrong? Well, it’s wrong because, as I just said, everybody isn’t on social media. So if you’re focusing all your marketing efforts on social media, you’re missing millions of people. All those people out there who need you and don’t get on social media are missing you.

They’re not engaging with you, so they’re not learning from you. They’re not grasping anything you have to offer because they don’t know who the heck you are. You need to engage in more media techniques. What’s the other thing people have been taught that’s wrong? We’ve been taught to find your client avatar, find out who they are, give them a name, what they do, where they live, and so forth.

Go where they are, and you’ll get all the business you need. That also is wrong. Remember the McDonald’s analogy I just used? Please don’t make it so. You have to find all your clients where they are.

“Make it so your clients can find you.”

Please make it so your clients can find you. If they are looking for what you have to offer, remember, they’re the ones looking. They’re the ones who are going to be spending their money in your field. If they are looking for you, make yourself findable for them. So put yourself, your billboard, sign, and post where they can find it.

Once you do that, it will be much easier because the clients are already coming to you wanting something. Make yourself findable for them. These are the things that I’m telling you that many people get wrong because we’ve been taught the bad thing. It’s not your fault.

It’s Time to Change Your Thinking!

We’ve been taught the wrong things. Now understand. Once you make these changes, once you can put yourself in a position where you have a presence on various forms of media all at the same time, once you put yourself in a position where clients can find you all over the world because you’re not hiding from them on just one platform you’re everywhere where they can find you. Once you can do those things, you can start making money while you sleep. Yeah, how’s that sound?

“You can start making money while you sleep.”

You can start making money worldwide because they work in different time zones, but they know where to find you. They found you. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and getting something in your email that says, notification of payment received because someone found you. You may never meet these people or ever even see them in person.

You may never have a conversation with them. But they were looking for you and found you because you put yourself where they are instead of making them find you where you’re hiding in that little area. I’m telling you, if you make these changes if you make these changes, you’ll find yourself being able to make global revenue. You’ll find yourself with an international presence. You’ll find yourself being wanted and needed in places you never thought of venturing.

But your presence is there because you put yourself there in the media. Use these media techniques to your advantage. This is not your dad’s media anymore. This is not the media where you had to wait for someone to call you to put you on a TV show or radio show, and so forth, and so on. Media is now at your fingertips.

Heck, you can film a movie on your iPhone. You can self-publish a book. You can create your podcast and have it go all over the world. And you can even create a TV show or a TV channel for yourself! Social media has made it so you can connect with people all over.

“Use media to your advantage and make it so that you can go global overnight.”

Don’t live in a cocoon, guys. Use these media techniques to your advantage. Make it so that you can go global overnight. So, as I say to you right now, don’t just settle for being all some. It’s.

Set your goal to all them all. Take action, everybody. And I’ll see you around the globe using these global media techniques!

About Dr. Barrett Matthews

Dr. Barrett Matthews is an authority on execution, productivity, and podcasting. Barrett has shared his unique brand of productivity genius with organizations worldwide. Dr. Matthews is the author of “Why Didn’t You Get It Done?”, “50 Shades Of Wealth”, & “A Call To Action,” which he has used to help elevate the productivity of the business people he works with.

Dr. Barrett has a strong background in media, working in radio, print, and television with a stint at CBS Sports, plus hosting and producing podcasts, including the BlackCEO Morning Show, Lunch & Learn with Chris & Barrett, and Revenue Radio, as well as being a dynamic guest on The 30 Minute Hour, The Linda Foster Show, & The Power Podcast w/ Dr. George C. Fraser to name a few. Dr. Matthews was recognized as a World Civility Ambassador in 2020 by iChange Nations and as the Distinguished Leader for 2019 and other honors. As an engaging podcast guest, Dr. Barrett Matthews is committed to showing executives how to start and grow any business productively by utilizing media.

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