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Is PodMatch No Longer Free? Here's The Answer and History

Is PodMatch No Longer Free?

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The question is continuously asked on social media posts and forums, “Is PodMatch no longer free?” In this blog post, I’ll answer that question, provide a brief history of PodMatch’s membership options, and explain how the platform works. In addition, I’ll share links to resources that explain the vision, purpose, and mission behind what PodMatch has done since launching in 2020 and how it’s positively impacting podcast creators.

First, let’s not let the main question and reason we’re here linger…

Is PodMatch no longer free?

Correct. PodMatch is no longer free. During the early beta launch, PodMatch was only free for a few short months. The free plan has been discontinued, and most of the members on the free plan have since upgraded to a paid one.

Was PodMatch ever free?

  • PodMatch was free on what they titled the “Basic” plan, which was strictly for early beta members. To date, some members are still on this plan, as the team at PodMatch promised they’d never force one of their beta members to join a paid plan.

Here’s the history of PodMatch’s membership plans:

PodMatch, a software that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts for interviews, launched into beta on June 15th, 2020. Upon initial launch, PodMatch was free. The founders, Alex Sanfilippo and Jesse Hunter announced that anyone who joined during beta would be grandfathered into the free “basic” membership of PodMatch for as long as they wanted. Their only ask in return was for feedback on the software to be provided.

PodMatch Starts Paying Podcast Hosts:

Although PodMatch is no longer free, they have something better to offer to podcast hosts. “Better than free, you say?” …Yes! Check this out:

Since 01/14/2022, PodMatch has been PAYING podcast hosts through what they have coined their PodValue Initiative.

To date, PodMatch is the only company in podcasting (and perhaps the creator economy) that pays creators for the art of creating. Although PodMatch’s primary objective is not to get podcast hosts paid, it’s to ensure they’re getting the best possible guests in the most efficient way possible; the fact that they do share their profit is noteworthy and explains what type of business they are.

How much does PodMatch pay?

PodMatch pays podcast hosts up to $28.00 for each interview they complete through PodMatch. Active PodMatch members report earning an average of $55.00 – $225.00 per month from their bookings on PodMatch. Some members reported earning over $600.00 per month!

During an interview, Alex Sanfilippo was asked about paying podcast hosts. Here’s what he said about it:

“Simply put, we at PodMatch believe in independent podcast creators. It’s a labor of love – We know that as indie podcasters ourselves. Because of this, we want to give back. This isn’t going to make you rich as a podcaster, but it should help offset your production costs. And, I want to make sure this is known: You should not use PodMatch just because we’ll pay you. The primary objective is always to help you find and book your next ideal guest as efficiently as possible. Keep creating!” – Alex Sanfilippo

… So, PodMatch is no longer free, but isn’t what they’re doing now a far superior alternative?

Here’s a video of PodMatch’s founder, Alex Sanfilippo, explaining how paying podcast hosts works:

After watching this video, you probably ask the logical question that most people would ask… “Okay, Alex, if you want to pay me, then why do I have to pay to be on PodMatch?” Alex agrees; this is a great question! He explains the answer in this video. (You cannot argue with that logic!)

If you’re unwilling to invest in yourself and want a free alternative to PodMatch, here are some ideas…

Are There Free Alternatives to PodMatch?

Yes, there are free alternatives to PodMatch. Although these free alternatives exist, the expectation of your results and experience must be much lower. You get what you pay for, and if you don’t pay for a product, you are the product!

Here is a short list of PodMatch competitors/alternatives:


Now that it’s known that PodMatch is no longer free, I want to answer one final question you may be asking yourself.

Is PodMatch worth it?

PodMatch is entirely worth the price of membership. According to leading industry experts in podcasting, a PodMatch membership is one of the best investments you can make as a podcast host or guest.

Beyond that, PodMatch has no risk involved. Here’s what I mean:

If you’re serious about your success as a podcast guest or host, PodMatch is the right choice. If you’re not “all in” on your success or don’t fully believe in what you’re doing, I suggest you check out one of the free alternatives.


In Summary, the answer to the question, “Is PodMatch no longer free?” is this: Correct. PodMatch is no longer free. But now, instead, what they offer is so much better for creators and even puts money back into their pockets!