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Is PodMatch Legit? or is PodMatch a Scam?

Is PodMatch Legit? or is PodMatch a Scam?

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Every day, these two questions are asked by podcasters on social media, forums, and Reddit: “Is Podmatch legit?” and “Is PodMatch a scam?”… Let me explain how and why PodMatch is not a scam and, instead, why it is legit. Plus, some external sources to reinforce my conclusion of PodMatch’s legitimacy.

Is PodMatch a scam?

No, PodMatch is not a scam. PodMatch has an excellent reputation in the industry and has helped facilitate over 60,000 interviews among podcasters while at the same time having a very generous profit-sharing plan with podcast hosts.

Is PodMatch legit?

Yes, PodMatch is legit. PodMatch is active in the community of independent podcast hosts and guests and has served over 40,000 podcasters in their quest to find high-quality matches to interview. They have one of the best reputations in all of podcasting.


Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into some details… We’ll cover all the main questions we receive about PodMatch in this blog post.

What is PodMatch?

Directly from the website: “PodMatch is a Software That Uses AI to Automatically Matches Ideal Podcast Guests and Hosts For Interviews” To summarize, PodMatch works just like your favorite dating app, but it matches you for podcast interviews instead of dates.

PodMatch has the data to show that using their software will save an average of 3 hours per booking and help podcasters avoid 14 emails along the way! That alone makes it worth it.

How does PodMatch work?

How PodMatch Works in 6 Steps:

  • Signup as a podcast guest, host, or both.
  • Check the detailed profiles of your matches.
  • Direct message matches to confirm interview fit.
  • Use the built-in scheduling tool to set a recording D&T.
  • Log the episode release date and get reviewed by your match.
  • PodMatch pays the podcast host when the episode is released.

Can PodMatch help my podcast?

If you’re searching for a diverse range of guests or even very specific guests with a niche, PodMatch can help you. PodMatch will simplify the booking process of your guests so that you can focus on what matters, your listeners. And, if you’re a guest looking to be on shows, PodMatch will put you in front of shows that are actually looking for guests! It’s all about creating a match! PodMatch will undoubtedly help your podcast or podcast guesting efforts.

Let’s get back to the reasons that PodMatch is legit and is not a scam:

Here are more reasons that further prove that PodMatch is not a scam, but it is, in fact, a legitimate solution for podcasters.

PodMatch’s Money Back Guarantee:

Lots of software companies say that they have a “money-back guarantee.” Until you ask for your money back, then you have to jump through hoops, or you find out barrier somewhere deep in their policy; you agreed to the opposite of the big banner they fly on their website. Knowing this, Alex Sanfilippo (PodMatch CEO and founder) went public with his money-back guarantee on social media. (Impressive!)

Check out this post on your platform of choice: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

^ I’ve never seen any other company in any industry do anything like this. That’s impressive!

PodMatch’s Legitimacy According to Review Websites:

Don’t take our word for it; here are PodMatch reviews on G2 (The world’s most trusted 3rd party reviewer platform): PodMatch Reviews & Product Details on G2

Something Unconventional That PodMatch Does:

This is wild… On an ongoing basis, PodMatch purges members who are inactive. Here’s a press release about it: PodMatch Does Something Most Companies Wouldn’t, But It’s Paying Off In A Big Way.

PodMatch’s PodValue Initiative:

One of the main reasons that people immediately assume that PodMatch is a scam is because they claim to put money back in the hands of podcast hosts (creators) to thank them for their efforts of creating. That does sound too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It turns out it’s not. The PodMatch team truly cares about the creators in the podcasting space. Because of this, they launched the PodValue Initiative. You can read more about this initiative, why it was created, and its effectiveness here:

Walkthrough of PodMatch’s Affiliate Program and PodValue:

PodMatch Alternatives and Competitors:

If PodMatch doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, here are some noteworthy alternatives from around the web. Below, we found someone who did an incredible walkthrough of each and shared the data that he collected. Super impressive! (Thanks, Coach Jon!)

How does PodMatch hold up to these alternatives? Watch this video:
Reviewing 4 Podcast Guest Booking Platforms: Saving You Time and Money (Video)

Video PodMatch Reviews:

Written PodMatch Reviews:

Social Media PodMatch Reviews:

If you’re convinced that PodMatch is legit and that PodMatch is not a scam but want to learn more about how it works. We’ve found a few walkthrough videos that you will find helpful.

PodMatch Walkthrough Video:

Does PodMatch have Any Negative Reviews?

We asked Alex Sanfilippo (CEO and Founder of PodMatch) to comment on this. Here’s what he said regarding negative PodMatch reviews:

“The only public negative reviews of PodMatch are on Reddit. But, like everything on Reddit, the reviews are all gossip and speculation; not a single bad review is from anyone who has ever used PodMatch! People somtimes tell me, priviately, that PodMatch didn’t work for them. Which of course makes us sad, but we’re not for everyone, and we accept that. We work hard to keep our members happy, and if you’re not one of our members, or we cannot make you happy, then it’s probably not the right fit. We serve those who trust us and always do our to support them!”

Can I try PodMatch for free?

PodMatch does not have a free trial. However, they have a public version of the explore page where you can explore 25% of their active database. You can search through podcast guests and podcast hosts on the platform. You can use that here: or

Conclusion: Is PodMatch Legit, or Is PodMatch a Scam?

In the ever-evolving world of podcasting, PodMatch stands out as a legitimate platform that connects podcast hosts with guests, facilitating meaningful collaborations. So, to answer the question, “Is PodMatch legit or a scam?” the overwhelming evidence points to PodMatch being a reliable and trustworthy service.

From everything that can be found on the internet (with the exception of speculatory gossip threads on Reddit), PodMatch has an excellent reputation and is a legitimate service that is helping tens of thousands of podcasters.


For more details on WHY this blog post was written to explore PodMatch being legit or a scam, read Alex Sanfilippo’s social media post explaining: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram