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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

Introducing PodScore - The Personality Test For Podcasters

Introducing PodScore: Discover Your Podcaster Personality Type + So Much More!

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?
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PodPros, the creators of popular podcasting software like, matching guests and hosts for interviews, has announced the release of a new educational solution for the podcasting industry, PodScore. PodScore is a personality test specifically for podcasters to find out which of the 12 podcaster personality types they are plus, it calculates and determines your exact chances of success/failure as a podcaster and gives you a custom-tailored roadmap to becoming a highly successful top 1% podcaster.

Alex Sanfilippo Shares More About PodScore in This Video:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., August 2, 2023 – The podcasting-specific software company, PodPros, has announced the launch of PodScore: a free personality quiz for podcasters. The completely-free PodScore is the solution to the podcasting industry’s biggest problem, “podfade.” Podfade is the industry term for failing/prematurely ending a podcast. Only 10% of independent podcasters make it to the 1-year mark of their show, and only 5% achieve any meaningful traction/results from their podcast. PodScore’s goal is to help 8,000 podcasters avoid podfade and achieve exponential results by June 15, 2025.

PodScore has been in the works since November 10, 2022. Alex Sanfilippo’s original post about starting this project: New Podacst Catoregy Announced: Actively Established. After that initial announcement, Sanfilippo shared a series of posts explaining the reason behind this project:

Sanfilippo shared the following when asked about the creation of PodScore:

“As a company, PodPros has done some cool things to serve podcast hosts and guests; all of which have been extremely successful. But, nothing will compare to the impact of PodScore. This is how we’ll leave a mark in the industry – And it won’t have our name on it! It’s not about “us” it’s about elevating independent podcasters and enabling them to further serve the the world; one listener at a time. This is the ultimate solution for helping podcasters avoid podfade. I believe it will be a foundational pillar for the podcasting industry.” – Alex Sanfilippo

How PodScore Works In 6 Steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Take the quiz.
  3. Receive your podcaster personality type + your exact chances (%) of success/failure as a podcaster.
  4. Check your email inbox for your custom-tailored PodScore Report.
  5. Go through your PodScore Report, starting with the category with your lowest score.
  6. Implement the recommended transformative action, then repeat on your next lowest score!

Data-Driven and Tested

PodScore performed an alpha and beta test with 298 podcasters to determine the accuracy of the quiz. Sanfilippo and the PodScore team quantified that the results are 98.667% accurate. With such little room to improve accuracy, their primary ongoing focus is to improve/streamline the suggested transformative actions they tell podcasters to take.

How much does PodScore Cost?

PodScore is entirely free. There is no cost involved in any part of the process; there is no payment wall or anything that requires you to enter credit card details. They do not have an upsell at the end, and it’s not a lead funnel.

Does PodScore Have a Catch?

No, PodScore has no catch. PodScore is legitimate, free, and extremely helpful for podcasters. Regarding creating PodScore, the partners said: “We believe podcasting is the most powerful form of media, and purposive-driven podcasters are leading the way in making the world a better place.”


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