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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

How to Track and Increase Your Podcast Guesting Return on Investment

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

You are guesting on podcasts but your authority, leads, and conversions aren’t growing as quickly as you’d like. Discover the podcast guest tracking system that will help you leverage your interviews and optimize results. Join as Lyndsay Phillips shares the system she uses for her clients that tracks what shows they’ve pitched, recorded, and gone live. No more wasted time, or opportunities that disappear into a black hole! Plus learn an easy way to test what types of shows are bringing in leads and ideal clients. These statistics are gold!




Read the Blog: How to Track and Increase Your Podcast Guesting Return on Investment

Have you been appearing as a guest on a variety of podcasts, but the exposure is doing little to grow your email list or generate new leads?

All the energy and time you’re investing isn’t yielding the results you hoped for. My clients faced the same problem and I’ll share the amazing strategy we used to turn things around.

Are Your Interviews Going Live?

The first step was to find out exactly what was causing the problem. I created a tracking sheet for my clients to keep track of:

  • Which shows did they pitch to be on?
  • Which podcast hosts have booked them for an interview?
  • Which shows eventually went live?

You want to keep track to make sure that none of your podcast guest interviews slip through the cracks. I’ve had this happen to me before. I’ve booked and completed an interview, only to wonder a few months later, “What happened to that interview?”

If this happens to you, you need to find out from the host when they expect to air the show. Then check on their website to see if the show is already live.

Seems like a lot to do? Not at all.

Think about how much time you spend finding the shows, booking the interview, and conducting the interview. And then the interview doesn’t go live!

This post is a transcription of one of the talks from our PodPros Quarterly Virtual events.

This is why I created a simple tracking sheet in Google Sheets for my clients and myself. I think Google is really great because it allows you to share it with your team members or with VA to help you track all those moving pieces.

The main columns in the tracking sheet template are:

  • Date
  • Show you pitch?
  • What show did you get invited to? (I usually link to the website).
  • Name of podcast host, contacts and any notes.
  • Date of interview.
  • Date of the show going live.

This way you can keep track of which interviews you’re still waiting for and which are already live. I also include a column for a link to where the host posted the episode. I share this link on my website so I can use the content on my website and get more ROI.

Find Out Which Shows Offer the Best ROI

Once you’ve your tracking sheet set up, the next step is to figure out which shows you’re getting better ROI as a podcast guest. Find out the lead magnet that gives you the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

For this, we use a simple tool called Pretty Links. This is a plugin added to the backend of WordPress to allow you to create easy-to-remember, unique links that are specific to the podcast interview. Let’s say you were going to be a podcast guest on Entrepreneurs, you’d create your link (

The pretty link will lead to the lead magnet you featured in the episode. This way, you can track how many people click on that link in a given time period.

You can also track how many opt-ins you received during that time period. Using this data, you can determine if there’s a correlation between the number of clicks and the actual opt-ins for that lead magnet.

This is a really good indicator to help you figure out:

  • What types of shows are leading listeners to your lead magnet?
  • How many are opting in?

For example, if you share three different podcast guest interviews, you can see what topics are hot right now and which lead magnets are resonating the most.

You can make changes based on this data. Now you can adjust your interview topics as needed. You can also create a lead magnet that’s tailored to that particular interview so that it feels like a natural next step for the listener.

You want them to think, “They gave me some good tips, but I really want to take the next step.”

Dig Into The Data

You can take it a step further by going through some statistics. I usually go into my clients’ backend and analyze their lead magnet statistics.

  • How many views do they get on the page?
  • How many opt-ins are they getting?
  • Do the audience transition into a conversation or do they buy the client’s offer?

Looking at this part of the sales funnel will help you determine what results you’re getting from the traffic flowing to your landing pages from these podcast interviews.

This is where the data really helps you figure out what to do next. For example, one of my clients found out that a certain type of podcast is the one where her avatar really hangs out and takes action. So she did more of that type.

This is a great way to increase your podcast guesting return on investment.

If you use affiliate links for your products, you can add those as well. Of course, they need to be very specific and have tracking, but this way you can make those pivots so you get the leads when the shows go live.

Final Thoughts

One last tip on how to increase and leverage your presence when the podcast interview goes live. I’m sure you’ve given a lot of great content and tips, don’t just publish them once.

Share it with your email list, post it on LinkedIn as an article, or if you put out newsletters, take out small pieces for quotes.

So a tip or quote from you or even just a question to your audience is better than nothing. Look for new ways to use the content and share it more widely so you don’t struggle to create new content every week.

This will ensure that nothing falls through the black hole and you get maximum results from your podcast guesting return on investment.

About Lyndsay Phillips

Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and Smooth Business Podcasting. She is a Content Marketing & Podcast expert,  host of the Leverage Your Podcast show, and creator of the Podcast Leverage System. She LOVES helping entrepreneurs build their authority and increase visibility through the power of podcasting.