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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

How to Ensure You Get a Return on Investment From Podcast Guesting

How to Ensure You Get a Return on Investment From Podcast Guesting

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Podcast guesting has become the most valuable form of content marketing and relationship building. As a result, getting booked has become hyper-competitive, and getting a return on investment from guesting is growing in complexity. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you! In this episode, Beate Chelette explains 3 ways to gain a greater return on investment from podcast guesting. Get ready to take control of your podcast guesting in innovative ways to yield extraordinary results!





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Hello, everyone on PodTalks. Beate Chelette here. Thanks for the excellent introduction. And let’s dive into the three secrets to finding opportunities as a podcast guest. So, I’m known as a growth architect, which means I work with visionaries and thought leaders who want to grow their authority and scale their impact. This means that I help people when they want to grow their businesses and need strategies, or they have grown and now need strategies to scale. One of the things that I believe in, and this is many times considered unsexy because we are going to take a 30,000-foot plane that circles, and we’re going to have to land it somewhere. So you have to have a strategy. Everything in business needs a strategy, so I thought about what I would talk to you about today.

I wanted to explain to you some of these concepts around strategy and why strategy really is fascinating and very, very creative and hopefully help you to make your guesting experience a much more powerful experience and for you to get something out of it that really will help you to grow your business, to bring in more clients, to engage your community and to become the authority, the expert in your industry. And then go out and make the money that you so richly deserve.

We are in entrepreneurship because we believe in what? Freedom of time and money. And to get freedom of time and money, you must have a strategy to get you there. Because the saying always says, if you don’t know where you’re going, anyway will get you there. Let’s dive into these three different strategies I’m talking about today.

Unveiling the Power of Podcast Guesting: Unlocking Growth Opportunities

Secret number one is podcast guesting. It is specifically a growth strategy for your business. It should be a strategy you have chosen with one goal: get your message in front of the right audience. You’ve more people here what you have to say.

Have them listen to what you say and say, wow, you are amazing. Then, they’ll go and follow the engagement links that are in the show notes. Then, they discover how amazing you are based on what they follow. And then you have a strategy to put them into your community, and then you send them stuff, and they love you so much that they want to work with you.

Crafting a Clear Strategy: The Key to Successful Podcast Guesting

Now, that is what we want to achieve with an excellent podcasting strategy. Now, for you to do that, the first secret you have to solve is that there is an idea of consistency. And I’m sure you heard this from many other speakers and hosts when you’re guesting.

You can speak like I can on several different topics. I’m a single mom. I was broke, overcame a lot of adversity, and built and sold a business to Bill Gates for millions of dollars, so I’ve had an exit and understand strategies and systems. I do a lot of leadership development and help my clients come up with organizational plans.

If I talk to you about everything I know, it may need to be clarified. So if I go to a pod as a podcast guest to a podcast host, and I tell them in this- I call this the knowledge vomit – everything I know, right? Right there in front of them. And I said, here, choose the podcast host is going to say, uh, that’s not my job.

It’s your job to pitch me, look at my show,  ask me who your audience is, and tell me how your work fits my audience. And that’s already where, in the beginning, there are a lot of disconnects. So if you master that, you still have the other, the second part of this, which is what you can talk about and what the host wants to hear about that is congruent with your business.

“It’s your job to pitch me. It’s your job to look at my show. It’s your job to ask me who your audience is. It’s your job to tell me how your work fits my audience.” – Beate Chelette

Now, all of this has to be aligned neatly. And so the way we do this here at the Growth Architect, it’s straightforward. We build an umbrella. So that’s the knowledge umbrella. In my case, it’s Growth Architect. Under the Growth Architect, we have all the pieces nicely laid out as a transformation journey for our clients, from when they start with the idea to the offer, the systems, the team, and the leader.

I can talk about all these things, but it’s all about the growth architect. So when I go and pitch it, when you go and pitch it, it needs to sound like it is one cohesive system, not 16 different things. Now, you will ask your host who their audience is. And then, in your mind, you go through your transformation journey and say, we can either go here or go here.

It will resonate with your audience more. That’s why I have some 85-star ratings on PodMatch: I’m very consistent. They know what they get. I tailor this under my umbrella. So you can customize and tell her, but it has to still be under one umbrella. So that’s secret number one: to be very clear about that strategy.

People will come to me only if I talk about what I know about and then build the community. Do I build my expertise and authority in my subject? I became the go-to business strategist, which is my plan. So think about that.

Maximizing ROI: Transforming Podcast Guesting into Business Success

Let’s talk about secret number two. Time and money invested in a podcast guesting strategy should have you want an ROI, a return on investment. And that means you are not using a podcast guesting strategy to be liked. I always jokingly tell my clients that they should talk to their mom if they want to be light. That’s not what business is about. What business is about is that you are in front of people interested in what you have to say. And because they’re so excited about what you say.

“Time and money invested in a podcast guesting strategy should have you want an ROI, a return on investment. And that means you are not using a podcast guesting strategy to be liked.” – Beate Chelette

They’re interested in buying from you. So, I’ve already laid this out. Could you keep that in mind? Here’s the goal. There’s the goal. There’s where you are. These are the two points that you need. Then, you can devise a strategy for getting from here to there by reverse engineering this. And then, you know, precisely the systems you need to build to get there. Then, you consistently build your authority following those systems after the strategy you created that gets you to the goal. That’s it.

It’s easy. There’s a lot of work. An ROI expectation means I want you to go in and say, how will I get maximum ROI? So, number one, you will promote this because the more things are out there, the more they link back to this interview, and the more it helps your authority. The more links coming into your website, the more interviews you do, and the more the host will link to your website; the higher your search engine optimization, the higher your ranking. So you’re doing this with a deliberate attempt that the more you promote this, even if it is the link to the show on the host’s website because that is backlinked to you, you still get a lot of recognition.

The Art of Monetization: Leveraging Podcast Guesting for Profitable Ventures

So, there should be an expectation for me. What is your ROI other than SEO? It also has to be what we’ll discuss in secret number three, the monetization part that many people need to remember. That is the most important secret sauce of everything about podcast guesting. So expect the ROI. So let’s go to secret number three. In secret number three, you now need to go in and say, “What is my maximization strategy for having been a guest on a show?”

Here, you are initially evaluating, which shows you want to be on. Because only if that show targets your ideal audience should you be on that show?

I talk about mindset concerning business strategy because there’s a fit. I don’t talk about nutrition or the books that I read. So be clear about who you’re getting in front of because, again, this all has to be about how you monetize the time and investment you’re already making into podcast guesting. So now you have identified the host with an audience, which is the audits, your dream audience.

“So be clear about who you’re getting in front of because, again, this all has to be about how you monetize the time and investment you’re already making into podcast guesting.” – Beate Chelette

Now, you are giving a great interview targeted explicitly for this audience. After the guesting interview, you thank the host and say something along these lines: Hey, Alex. Um, thank you so much.  I’m so grateful you allowed me to bring my message to your audience.

As you know, I’m a business strategist and do a lot of growth architecture around how to grow your business. Thank you. I want to offer you a brainstorming session, exploratory conversation, strategy session, discovery call, or whatever you want. And I want to put my brain into your business and brainstorm what’s happening because that’s what I do. Is it something you’re interested in? What I like to do is return the favor.

You’ve given me something. I want to give you something. And if something comes up that I can help you with, I will tell you. If there’s something that I cannot help you with, I will also tell you if something comes up that someone else I have spoken to can help you with. I will also tell you how that sounds: 99% of all cases, unless the interview was a complete disaster, people say, ” Wow, that’s generous of you. ”

How do I set this up? And I want to set this up right away. So I have an automation for that way. Click a button in my CRM, and then it thanks the host. I send them a little gift and, you know, because I want to remind them that we had such a great time together. So they scheduled this follow-up session, and I’ll keep my word. So I’m not selling them anything. I mean, sometimes it does come up with people then say, wow, that sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about that? And then I will tell them, but it’s a very soft sell because it would come across as inappropriate.

Building Lasting Relationships: Expanding Networks Through Podcast Guesting

So, if you are not maximizing the strategy after the interview, you leave money and relationships on the table. One of the examples I also want to give you is that it’s not always just about a client but also about relationships and partnerships. We did a podcast swap with one of the other podcast hosts, where I was on her podcast, and she was on my podcast. We are discussing creating a business together because we are so aligned in thinking and doing things.

“So, if you are not maximizing the strategy after the interview, you leave money and relationships on the table.” – Beate Chelette

I don’t want to do this alone, so she and I are discussing creating this business idea. Then I was on Let’s Win the JM Ryerson podcast. I liked him so much that I invited him to my podcast. So, we did another swap. And then, when he was here, I visited him, and we had a great lunch. He introduced me to someone who was also on my podcast, who then introduced me to a VA company because I was working on a program that I’m launching very soon that is designed to help podcast hosts who do not maximize their show as they should be because I’m a strategist, right?

So, I have all these workflows and processes. So I was thinking to myself and talking about this, saying, what do you think of this idea? Because both of them have shown. And they said that’s a beautiful idea. Why don’t you talk to my friend, Jamie? Then, when Jamie and I spoke, it was a match made in heaven because now I can have a VA that takes the workflow that I train them in. Now, I have a product that I can sell to a podcast host to maximize their show. That is sometimes how these opportunities come up, and it would never have happened.

If my only idea was to be on the show, and frankly, as a podcast host myself, if somebody wants to be on the show and then they go like, I want the exposure, I don’t want anything else from you, it kind of leaves you a little bit of a negative taste in your mouth because I’m not your promotion vehicle. I’m here to give a good show to my listeners, but I also want to have an engagement. Because I’m also a guest, I’ve put these experiences into what I know about them.

So that’s as much as I want to share with you today. So these are my three secrets to how to put a solid growth strategy behind podcast guesting and an ability to monetize it. Why don’t we discuss this and put it in the comments? I would love to hear what you say about this, and I look forward to continuing the conversation. That is it for right now, and back to pot talks. This is Beate, and goodbye.

About Beate Chelette

Beate Chelette, the Growth Architect, is an innovative thought leader and master business strategist who equips visionaries and leaders with effective strategies, blueprints, and tools to optimize their business systems, bolster their leadership skills so that they can grow their authority and scale their impact.

With $135,000 in debt and a single parent, Chelette propelled her photography passion into a global enterprise that she sold to Bill Gates in a multimillion-dollar deal. Today, her proven strategies have facilitated clients in generating over $30 million in revenue. Her expertise, backed by her experiences, offers a unique blend of practical wisdom and entrepreneurial inspiration.

Chelette hosts “The Business Growth Architect Show” podcast and has been distinguished as one of the “Top 100 Global Thought Leaders” by PeopleHum. She is the author of the #1 International Award-Winning Amazon Bestseller “Happy Woman Happy World – How to Go from Overwhelmed to Awesome,” Recognized as “One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs” by HuffPost, she is a pioneering force in designing scalable, sustainable growth strategies for start-ups, small businesses, and corporations alike.

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