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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

How to Craft a Podcast Guesting Call To Action That Grows Your Email List

How to Craft a Podcast Guesting Call To Action That Grows Your Email List

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Your email list is one of your most valuable assets, but growing it can be a painful task. Thankfully, there is a simple solution! In this episode, Tracy Beavers shares how, through podcast guesting, you can create a powerful call to action that will lead listeners to sign up for your email list. Get ready to increase your visibility and explode your email list with new subscribers and potential future customers!





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So there I was on my first-ever podcast as a guest. I’m excited to be interviewed for the show and the listeners. And my brain shut off. Not my finest moment. Why did my brain shut off?

Great question. I’m so glad you asked. The interview was going smoothly. I hit all of the points I had prepared. I was proud of myself.

The host and I had a great rapport. So we were having a lot of fun. And then, at the end, the host asked me, Tracy, where can everybody find you to connect with you? And I had no answer. I hadn’t prepared for that.

The Ending Question, When You Provide Your Podcast Guesting Call To Action

Despite having listened to many podcast episodes and shows over the years and hearing the hosts routinely ask those ending questions, I flaked on it. I wasn’t prepared. I was too busy preparing my notes on other things. And I didn’t even think about having a strategic call to action. The moral of the Story is that doing podcast interviews is excellent, but if we don’t leverage them into more business growth for us, into email list growth, then we might as well not spend our time doing the interviews at all.

I want you to be prepared every time you are a guest on a podcast every time you’re being interviewed. I want you to be better than me. Please get the most marketing impact you can out of every interview that you do. I want your email list growth to explode whenever you are a podcast guest. So how do you do that?

Not just by being prepared but by being strategically prepared with the best Call to Action, or CTA, for your business based on your promotional year at the time of the interview. A CTA is a call to action, a directive to our ideal clients on what to do next, how to take the next step with us, how to get into our world, go deeper with our content, and hopefully stay with us and convert into buyers.

Example of a Podcast Guesting Call To Action

So here are some examples of calls to action you’ve likely heard or even used. Grab my free download, join my List Workshop Masterclass Webinar, subscribe to my blog and Podcast newsletter, sign up for my membership, join my free Facebook group, book your free info call, and let’s not forget those calls to Action for Engagement asking your ideal clients how something resonates with them—asking them their opinion on what you’ve posted on social media.

Calls to Action for Engagement don’t directly grow our email lists, but they do grow them indirectly. And here’s what I mean: when we have high engagement on our social media content, the algorithm loves this and recognizes our content as essential. Our content then gets served up to a broader audience with more reach, and your audience gets curious about who you are. And if your social media profile is set up for email list growth. Then there you go.

That high engagement has just grown your email list, so here are some calls to action that you might use for engagement. You could post your favorite quote and use this CTA. How does this resonate with you? You could post three tips for your ideal clients and then use this CTA. Please share your best tip below that asks them for engagement.

Post about your favorite book and use this CTA. What are you currently reading during your live video? Use engagement questions throughout, like tell me in the comments and every email. Use an engagement prompt like Reply Back and Tell Me or Follow Me on social media. You’re likely using CTAs already, but are you using them consistently and strategically?

You Have to Remember Your Podcast Guesting Call To Action!

And I ask this because CTAs are simple and easy to use but also really simple and easy to forget. I’m a prime example. We have so many things to remember as content creators and business owners. We get so caught up in crafting our content. The perfect words or the graphic on our posts, the perfect copy for our website or blog, the perfect interview questions for our podcast episodes, practicing our live videos, and prepping for guest spots on podcast shows.

And we forget entirely about ensuring we use these opportunities for email list growth with a clear call to action. The small detail: the tiniest small detail of a CTA can easily get overlooked. And yet, this small detail can significantly impact our email list growth, audience growth, and, ultimately, our income. Isn’t it wild? It blows my mind that such a small thing, like a call to action, can significantly impact our bottom-line revenue.

“The small detail, the tiniest detail of a CTA, can easily get overlooked. And yet, this small detail can significantly impact our email list growth, audience growth, and, ultimately, our income.” – Tracy Beavers

So here’s a tip: I never forget my CTAs. Wherever I create my content, I have a reminder that asks, what is the CTA? Writing a live training script. I post this and highlight it at the top, so I don’t forget. I am preparing for a podcast guest interview.

Plus I will write this on a sticky note along with the key points I want to make during the interview and keep it on my laptop. Simple and easy to use, simple and easy to forget. So, let’s set ourselves up for success with reminders. What is your best way to remind yourself? Decide that today and then implement it every time.

To grow our income, we must attract our ideal clients and get them to stay with us long enough to deepen that know-how and trust factor. We want them to swim in the pool of our content and stay in our world long-term so that they convert into buyers. We want the opportunity to give them value to help them solve their problems. And through that, we’re able to showcase our expertise. We do this by being prepared at every opportunity to tell our ideal client what to do, where to go, and what their next step with us should be.

“To grow our income, we must attract our ideal clients and get them to stay with us long enough to deepen that know, like, and trust factor.” – Tracy Beavers

And you may be wondering, how often do you use a CTA? Every piece of content, every nook and cranny of your business? Every single time. But especially when you are a guest on a podcast. And why do I say that?

Podcast Guesting = One of Your Best Opportunities

Because being a guest on a podcast is a unique marketing opportunity for you, being a guest on a podcast means you have instant credibility and likability because the podcast host has invited you to the show. The podcast host has endorsed you as worthy of their listeners’ time and attention. The podcast host is giving you the keys to their audience and their kingdom. The host likes you, trusts you, and sees you as an authority on your subject matter.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been invited to the show. And this, my friends, is extraordinary. It’s as if the host has invited you into their home, personally introducing you to their friends and saying how great you are. Their audience is going to like you. They’re going to see you as an authority.

“Being a guest on a podcast means that you have instant credibility and likability because the podcast host has invited you to the show. The podcast host has endorsed you as worthy of their listeners’ time and attention.” – Tracy Beavers

And when you deliver fantastic value through that interview, they will trust you. Being prepared with a strong CTA at the end of that interview is crucial. Not preparing for the opportunity to give a call to action at the end of the interview means lost income because you’ve lost a tremendous opportunity for list growth from an audience that has already warmed up to you. They’re already excited to connect with you. So, when preparing for your podcast guest interview, you will prepare what you want to say, the notes you want to make, and the points you want to make.

Take It One Step Further

So, take that one step further. Be better than me. Make this interview work for you to grow your email list. What is the best call to action for this interview now in my business? Is there a free download you could quickly put together that corresponds to the interview’s subject matter and allows the listener to become a part of your email list when they opt in and dive deeper into the content to learn more about you through that free download?

A Good Podcast Guesting Call To Action Adds Even More Value

And this adds even more value to the interview. So it’s a win-win. The podcast hosts love bringing value to their listeners. And if you can do that deeper with an excellent free download, that’s a home run for everybody, right? Another tip for leveraging the most list growth out of every podcast guest spot is to ask the host or the host admin when your interview will air, and your episode goes live.

Based on their answer, you pick the call to action that will impact your business most at that time in the calendar year. Think through what you have going on in your business at the time the episode is going to air. So, here’s what I mean. If you’re planning to launch your online program, for example, with a live webinar or a Master class, or you have a paid membership and the doors to it are opening, let’s say, April of that year, and the host says that your interview episode is going to air to the public mid to late March. Well, your best call to action would be to mention your live Masterclass, webinar, and membership so the listeners can connect with you further.

Keep It Simple

Now, if the episode isn’t going to air in time to benefit you for a promotion you have going on, or maybe you’re just not in a promotional period at that time, no worries. Consider creating that free download we talked about. Don’t make it complicated; do that with ease. Just make it simple or think through it. What next step do I want the listener to take with me?

Is it to your podcast, blog, free Facebook group, YouTube channel, or a landing page where you have created and housed all your free resources? As long as all of those places have been set up in a way that leads to email list growth for you, you are all set for success, my friend. So, if you’re wondering what to say to easily transition into this without feeling salesy, I got you. When the podcast host asks, how can everybody find you, connect with you, learn more about you? Here are some things that you can easily say.

Here’s What You Can Say In Your Podcast Guesting Call To Action

I’m stumbling over my words. Here are some things you can easily say. I have a free guide I created for your listeners so they can dive deeper into this topic they can go to.

And that’s where you give the URL to grab it. Or what about something like this one? I’ve got an awesome free Facebook group where everyone is encouraged to network, collaborate, and make connections for business growth they can go to, and you give them the name of the Facebook group. Or what about one of these, depending on what you’ve got going on for your business? My podcast, YouTube Channel blog, is a great way to connect with me and learn more about me.

And that’s where you would give them the name of the podcast, the blog, the YouTube Channel. So, let’s recap quick. First of all, do not make the same mistake that I did. Please be better than me. Prepare before every guest interview and be strategic about your choice of call to action to use.

Create a system that reminds you to include your call to action in your preparations. A sticky note works great. A reminder at the top of every Google Doc where you’re making your notes. Whatever’s going to work for you. Choose a call to action that promotes you and your business in the best way possible and leads to email list growth.

And That’s The Key To a Good Podcast Guesting Call To Action

That’s the key. Will the episode air around the time of a launch, or will you be in between launches at the time the episode is live? Use a clear CTA with every podcast guest interview, but every piece of content, every nook and cranny of your content every single time. And don’t worry about coming across as sales or pushy when you state your call to action. Remember, the podcast host has given you the floor.

They have endorsed you already and invited you to share it. They’re asking you for it. So state it confidently and with excitement. Calls to action are simple and easy to use. But they are also just as simple and easy to forget.

So, let’s make the most out of every marketing opportunity by using solid calls to action that lead to email list growth. And the next time you’re invited to be a guest on a podcast, use the strategy I’ve given you here, and you’ll be all set up to grow your email list and your income, too.

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As CEO and Founder of Tracy Beavers Coaching, Tracy has a proven track record in marketing, sales, and business growth. With 20 years experience, Tracy has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with everything from overcoming the fear of sales to growing their business visibility through organic marketing strategies. She is a public speaker, and a published author. She has been featured on top business podcasts, and has been a regular contributor on one of her hometown’s premier tv shows. And she is the creator of two online programs: “Business Visibility Made Easy” and “Be A Confident Entrepreneur”.

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