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How To Change Your Podcast Review Nickname in Apple Podcasts and iTunes

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UPDATE: After writing this post, I realized that many people didn’t even know if they wanted to change their Apple Podcast Review Nickname because they didn’t even know what it is. If you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to discover what your Apple Review Nickname is – You don’t have to change it if you don’t want to. Either way, the steps are the same.

Here we go: How to View or Change your Apple Review Nickname:

This isn’t easy. (Sorry to start off on a negative!) Apple Podcasts and Apple, in general, have done a fairly good job making things user-friendly and easy. However, the ability to set and change your podcast review nickname in Apple podcasts and iTunes is not one of Apple’s smoothest processes.

First off, it’s important to note that you will have to do this from a computer. There is no way to do this on an iPhone or any mobile device or even a tablet. You must use a laptop or desktop computer.

There are two different processes, one for people who use Mac, and another for PC users. Here we go:

Changing your Apple Podcast Reviewer Nickname on a Mac:

  • Remember, this is on your MAC, not on your iPhone
  • Click ACCOUNT in the top menu
  • Click MEDIA AND PURCHASES in the left menu
  • On the right panel, click the MANAGE at the top
  • This opens ACCOUNT INFORMATION in the App Store
  • Scroll down to the bottom, where you see MANAGE
  • Click DONE at the very bottom
  • Anndd you’re finished! (It takes 24 hours to update in Apple podcasts)

Note: You can also get to this by just opening the APP STORE and then clicking VIEW INFORMATION at the top. Another way is to open SYSTEM PREFERENCES from the apple icon at the top left of your desktop and the selecting APPLE ID, then picking up at step 4 above. I thought many of you might just have the podcast app open while you’re searching for this answer so that’s why I wrote up instructions with this starting point.

Changing your Apple Podcast Reviewer Nickname on a PC:

  • Remember, this is on your PC, not on your iPhone
  • Download iTunes if you don’t have it, here:
  • Once downloaded, you have to login using your Apple ID.
  • Then in the navigation bar, go to ACCOUNT.
  • In the dropdown, click VIEW MY ACCOUNT…
  • This page will open all of your account information (See screenshots below)
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to where it says SETTINGS
  • This is where you’ll see your current Nickname and a link on the right that says EDIT NICKNAME
  • Click EDIT NICKNAME to update it
  • Once complete, press the blue DONE button in the bottom right
  • Anddddd after that nightmare, you’re done! (It takes 24 hours to update in Apple podcasts)

Screenshots for changing your Apple Nickname on iTunes:


Now that you know how to change your Apple Podcast Review Nickname, it’s time to leave some reviews! Check out this additional blog post about how to do that, here: How to Leave an Apple Review For a Podcast from Your iPhone, iPad or From Your Computer.


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