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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

How to Attract Dream Clients Through Podcast Guesting

How to Attract Dream Clients Through Podcast Guesting

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Getting interviewed on podcasts as a guest is about more than just inspiring listeners. Podcast guesting is also about helping the audience understand they’re not where they want to be and how to take action to get there. In this blog post, Alexandria Agresta shares the secret sauce to helping listeners begin to experience transformation. Get ready to have your ideal clients captivated and primed to do business with you!






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We’re going to learn some incredible things, and we’re going to have a lot of fun. Also, I’m given a pod talk. I had to come prepared with my dopest podcast mic, which I am proud of now. So with that, I will be sharing with you today how you can speak in a way that sells and fill your inbox with perfect dream clients after you crush it on a podcast interview. And listen, I know that is such a grabby, hooky, catchy title.

Who doesn’t want that?

But then, sometimes, in the ethers, we get this catchy, hooky grabby thing, and then it doesn’t deliver, which isn’t your girl’s phone number. I will share tactical, practical things for you to bring to life. So make sure you have your pen and paper. I will share three simple steps of implementing this and using podcasts as an incredible stage to become a magnet for the people I want to serve and work with.

I believe in a world where the message we know we were put on this earth to share doesn’t die still inside us. And I’m not talking about your business’s message, products, and services. I’m talking about that message that’s much, much deeper. That message you would share if you had one day left on earth, and you had 60 seconds on a microphone to speak that message to the entire world.

What’s Been Made Possible Through Podcast Guesting

That message. I bring that incredible world to life by turning industry leaders into thought leaders, bringing their track record of success to more stages, and helping them speak. A message that creates a ripple effect of impact. Because, to me, that’s what the stage is all about. It’s leaving that timeless legacy behind.

It’s leaving a lasting imprint, not just an impact, but an imprint on people. And it’s ultimately being remembered for something that mattered. And that’s why I believe podcasts are one of the most incredible stages to be that thought leader, to speak in a way that sells the more profound vision, the depth of your message, and do it in a way that creates this feeling in people. You rock them down to their soul. Their cells are waking up and dancing, and they’re like, I don’t even know who this person is, but I got to get on their calendar.

I got to get all up on their website, get me the freebies and everything. Here’s my card, take it. Amen. And I believe we can do that with our words and a stage. So let’s dive right in.

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I want to get right to the goods. So I have been speaking myself for, oh, my goodness, a decade now, which is pretty cool to say, oh my God, I got to brush that off my shoulder there. So I have spoken on many different stages, and there was once a time when I didn’t have a strategy for speaking on podcasts. Oh, my goodness. I think I spoke on 20 to 30 podcasts in three months, and they were great.

It’s always great practice, a confidence booster, and connections to be made. But guess what? It flopped. It went nowhere. I don’t even know what the heck I was talking about.

It didn’t lead to anything. It kind of just was this thing. And I did a bunch of podcast episodes, and it wasn’t until years later that this became everything to me. I’m a speaker. I work with speakers.

Attracting Clients Through Podcast Guesting Requires Strategy

The stage might as well be my middle name. At this point, I realized that if I go into it with a particular strategy and I’m very methodical and intentional and not just being the cool, fun, inspirational person, I can use this stage to my advantage. I can use this stage to grow my business and further my movement. And I can reverse it and have this audience, which I know with podcasts, we sometimes don’t know most of the time who’s listening, but I can reverse this and have these strangers who are listening to me flood my inbox wanting to hire me. So I’ve been on the other side where I was just yip yapping and having a lot of fun on podcasts.

Just chatting and sharing Through Podcast Guesting

But it was leading nowhere. And listen, I got a message to share. You got a message to share. We don’t have all day. Do you know what I’m saying? We got to do this with intention.

We got to do this with strategy and in the most effective way possible. So I will share a thing or two or three from in the arena like I shared. This is a strategy I implement myself. This is a strategy that many of my speaking clients have implemented. And this is one that with a couple little, we’re like shifting the knobs on the DJ deck with a couple of little shifts.

#1. Through Podcast Guesting, Speak From The Sweet Spot

You do this on your next podcast episode—my goodness. You might just hit me up in my inbox and be like, big check mark to you. So number one, where I want to start, this is all about how we speak in a way that sells. You must be speaking from the sweet spot of inspiration and transformation.

Write that down. Speak from the sweet spot. Speak from the sweet spot. So this is where I went awry. And this is where I see all people who want to speak on podcast start.

“Speak from the sweet spot of inspiration and transformation. Share your story and bring value that inspires action.”

They have this unique, inspirational story. I’ve been through the wringer. I found my purpose, and now I’m doing this excellent work, which is great. But here’s the thing. Inspiration is now a commodity.

I can watch a YouTube video of David Goggins running and yelling motivational things at me. I can scroll on Instagram and get my spiritual roomy quote fix. So when things become a commodity, they become the precious metal. So you don’t just want to be an inspirational person who gives you all the feels. It’s not going to do anything. Number one, because it’s a commodity nowadays.

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And number two, there’s something called the inspiration arc, right? We get all hyped up. We’re like, yeah, we’re like climaxing on inspiration. And then, if we don’t have a way to transmute that and take action on that transformation, on that inspiration, it will fizzle away. So motivation is that the feels, the hype up.

I’m connecting with this person. I’m relating to this person. But if you leave it there, you’ll leave your audience hanging and yourself hanging because we can’t do anything effectively and make a real change only with inspiration. So you want to be in that sweet spot of yes, share your story, share the pain and the purpose, share everything, and be inspirational. But you also want to communicate in a way that comes from your transformational side.

This is the problem solver in you.

This person is courageous and has the cojones to pour a little salt in the wound. You can speak to your audience’s pains, where they want to go, and who they want to be, and you show them the mountaintop, the promised land of how they can act on this inspiration they feel. So everything you’re saying, every question you’re answering, and every story you’re sharing, you want to be in that sweet spot of inspiration and transformation to make this really easy. Inspiration is your heart.

share your heart in your podcast guesting

Transformation is your head. Think about things that are too fluffy, too hard. We’re just floating around, but think about things that are too heady. I’m yawning while looking at my watch. I’m bored. I want to go party, please, anything more fun than this?

So we never want to be on one side of the other. We want to be in the sweet spot of head and heart, inspiration and transformation. All right, step two.

#2. Direct Podcast Hosts Through Podcast Guesting

I love this. You may already be doing this, so there’s an opportunity here to supercharge. You want to be very strategic with the questions you’re being asked in the interview. So instead of saying, yeah, I’ll go with the flow. You ask me whatever you want.

Tell them the exact questions you want to ask to be asked that will position you as an authority, that will position you as the expert and practitioner of your work. This right here can be hit or miss because many podcasts want it to be a great episode where people are engaged. And what do we usually think? The inspirational story, the person that’s a talk like My Bubby from New York, they got great stories, all the things right? So it’s easy for us to go there.

“Position yourself as an expert by strategically crafting the questions you want to be asked. Show your audience that you are the authority in your field.”

And usually, questions are often centered around that. However, there are some strategic questions that you can be asked that position you as you know you are someone who’s been there, done that. You are someone with gold. You are someone who has helped other people implement this. And you are the person that can help the audience that’s listening to you in their earholes do the thing that they want to do.

And it must go beyond the typical what do you do? Question that question. I’m over it. I don’t know that we know how to answer that question anymore correctly. I’m over it.

Let’s leave that question out the door.

These are intentionally crafted questions that position you as an expert. I’m not giving you the whole list because there’s a ton you could choose from, but here’s one straightforward one that is a way to step up. What do you do? Tell me.

Tell me, Alex, what’s your area of expertise? Boom. Just that simple nuance changes the game. And you are now starting to position yourself as not only this inspirational person who can make me feel all the feels, but you are an expert, a practitioner, someone who’s doing what the audience wants to do. All right, we got the last and third steps.

#3. Converting Clients Through Podcast Guesting

This one’s my faith. You’re going to see me do this. You’re going to see me walk the walk and talk the talk. So instead of at the very end of a podcast, you know how it goes. Tell the audience where our listeners can connect with you.

And then what do we do? You could go to my website. You could connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn; we’re just in this connect-with-me mode. That’s great. Here’s the thing.

Don’t forget to RSVP:

They can Google you for the love of goodness. They can click a link in the show notes. We don’t need to be verbally saying that anymore, right? We want to be effective with what we are saying. And by the end of this interview, we got to close the sale.

Metaphorically, we got to close the sale. So the third step is being very intentional with your call to action. You want your call to action to be an inbound strategy. So our last step is creating a call to action that has an inbound strategy. Right?

“Be intentional with your call to action. Create an inbound strategy that compels listeners to reach out and take the next step.”

Going to this link is putting the ball in the audience’s core, and for me, I can’t control what anyone else is going to do. So anytime I’m speaking on a stage, whether in person stage or virtual podcast, you name it, I want to figure out how I can have an inbound strategy and have these strangers who I don’t even know who they are coming into my inbox. So here’s how you do it. Are you ready for this? So you want to come up with something where the best way to explain this is to come up with something that people can make their own.

It feels like they’re saying it instead of just saying, message me this word. Make it almost a phrase. So, for example, I help people get on the TEDx stage. So anytime I’m talking about that, I say, hey, send me a message right now if you’re interested in learning more, working together, that sounds, get me on the TEDx stage. Send that to me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, or the other one I use is, hey, if you want to connect, learn more, be in my ecosystem, and speak on stage.

Please send me a message now saying I’m made for this stage.

How amazing is that? Oh, my good. I’m being advised by my advice right now. Right? It just flips the action piece of this on its head.

You’re not in this ambiguous. Are people going to reach out to me? I don’t know. You are putting that clear line in the sand. You have an inbound strategy, and the people intrigued, blown away, need what you offer.

Trust me; they will reach out to you. So you want to develop an action-oriented line that feels like the person is saying it themselves. I’m made for the stage. Get me on the TEDx stage. Right.

Come up with a verb – A verb that attracts clients through podcast guesting!

That’s what makes it action-oriented and makes it more of that statement. So, again, as the listener and the person interested in you, I can really own it and feel like I’m saying it myself. Plus, one extra point for you if you can brand it. Right.

So for me, TEDx is made for the stage. So if you can brand it, that makes it even more of your own.

Your brand matters for your podcast and your consistency in podcasting

I’m excited for you to make these simple, subtle changes. Implement them in your following podcast interview and see what happens. It’s been magical for me. I have people listening to episodes reaching out to me in my inbox. I was blown away.

They’re sharing takeaways. They’re sharing testimonials. I’m getting huge paying clients from it. I’m building partnerships with other podcast hosts around it. I mean abundance.

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Whatever outcome you’re looking for, abundance with this strategy. So I told you I would work my magic in today’s sesh. If anything you heard today moved you, inspired you. You want to up-level your podcasting episodes and interviews. You want to take your message to more stages.

I would love to connect with you. I would love to be in each other’s orbits. And, of course, I want to be in your corner, rooting you on, helping you get to your stage-promised land. So reach out to me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, and message me. I’m made for the stage this way.

I know you heard this, and you’re getting to see me live in action on exactly how you can do this in your following podcast interview.

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