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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

How Podcast Guests Can Turn Downloads Into Dollars Through a Strategic Podcast Tour

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

We all intuitively understand the value of being a podcast guest, but without a strategic plan in place that intentionally transforms cold audiences into raving fans, and raving fans into premium buyers, this haphazard podcast guesting thing you’re doing is a TOTAL waste of your time and energy! In this post, Kelly Mosser will teach you exactly how to launch your strategic Podcast Tour that doesn’t just get you booked onto great shows, but also drives meaningful brand awareness and revenue into your business.


Read the Blog Post: Turn Downloads Into Dollars Through a Strategic Podcast Tour

Imagine if you had the opportunity to speak directly to 100, 1000 or even 10,000 new ideal customers every week for free for the next 52 weeks. What would your brand and your business look like in a year’s time?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s entirely possible. Therein lies the magic, the power and the potency of strategic podcast guesting.

Think about this for a moment: There are more podcast listeners in the United States than Netflix accounts!

That’s literally hundreds of thousands of hungry podcast hosts who are looking for expert guests just like you.

That makes a strategic podcast tour the most untapped organic content marketing strategy right now.

If you are jaded by social media algorithms and low engagement stats, I have good news for you.
Your ideal clients are already listening to podcasts.

Statistics show these podcast listeners:

  • Are 68% more likely to have a university degree
  • More than 50% of them earn upward of $77,000 a year (meaning they have high spending power).
  • Are highly engaged. 80% of podcast listeners who press play on an episode finish the entire episode!

It’s might be time to pull some of the hours you spend creating short-form video content like Reels and TikTok and allocate it to podcast guesting.

Here are some more fascinating facts.

  • The lifespan of an Instagram post is 48 hours before the algorithm swallows it up and we never see it again.
  • For a Facebook post, it’s 6 hours, and for a tweet, it’s just 15 minutes.

Podcast content, on the other hand, is searchable forever. Every single episode you guest on will continue to build your brand, establish your authority, and provide revenue for your business for the next decade or more.

A lot of people hear that and think, “Great, I can not wait to start my own podcast.”

But here’s the thing: You do not have to have your own podcast to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

If your goal is to increase your brand awareness, establish your authority as an expert in your field, and generate consistent revenue for your business, then a strategic podcast tour is actually a more efficient, effective, and profitable strategy for you.

You do not have to build your own audience. You do not have to invest time and money in editing and promoting a show. Plus, you do not have to endlessly brainstorm content ideas for upcoming episodes.

As a podcast guest, your job is to show up in front of a new audience every week.

Then share the value with them and in turn attract new super fans and premium clients.

I encourage you to get serious about podcast guesting for the next six months. If it doesn’t work out, then go ahead and launch your own show because you will not regret it.

How To Get Booked On Shows As a Podcast Guest

Now I want to share how to get booked on the top podcasts in your niche. It all starts with an irresistible podcast guesting pitch.
If you do not sure where to find the right people to talk to, you need to start at PodMatch. Here you’ll find thousands of shows that would love to book you ASAP.

Think like a podcast host

Many people waste a lot of real estate in their intro telling the host how great they are. They usually include a full resume with their certifications, qualifications and accolades.

This is a big mistake. Instead, you should make it clear in your pitch that you know who the show is for and what it hopes to accomplish for them. Then, write just one short sentence about why your content is such a wonderful fit for that mission.

Yes, you can include a short bio, but you want to convey your expertise in as few words as possible. Convey who you are and what you do in just one sentence, with some evidence to back up your claim. That’s the goal.

Present one specific idea for a topic

This part requires a little bit of prep work. What kind of conversations are going on in the show? How has the show been formatted? Are the episodes case studies tied to a specific revenue number? Do the episodes consist of three steps process to achieve a certain outcome?
You want to offer one specific episode idea, two at most.

The more work you can do for the host, the better your chances of being accepted. Let me let you in on a secret.

Offer to share the episode

There is one thing that is usually missing from almost every pitch that I receive. It’s the thing that is most likely to take the host from “Yeah, this person sounds okay” to “Oh my gosh, when can I get this person on my show!”

Every podcast host has two main goals

  • Provide incredible value to their listeners to keep them coming back episode after episode.
  • Grow their audience

You need to show that you are ready, willing, and able to help them achieve the second goal.
This can be as simple as telling the host that you will be sharing the episode.

If you do not have a large audience, a ton of followers or a massive email list, that’s fine.

The fact is, so few people will include this information in their pitch that saying, “I’ll share the show with my friends and family” goes a long way.

It’s not just about what you bring to the table when you pitch yourself to be a guest on a podcast. It’s also about who you bring to the table.

Even if there are only 10 people in your softball league, that’s 10 potential people who could become super fans of this podcast.

They in turn tell their friends about the podcast, who in turn tell their friends about it.

Don’t get stuck in the mindset of “I do not have a big audience or influence.”

I guarantee you have more leverage than you think you do. So don’t be afraid to go out there and pitch yourself as a podcast guest.

How Podcast Guests Make Money

The secret to making this a successful branding and revenue growth strategy for your business is to intentionally bring podcast listeners back into your world. This is the missing link that makes your strategic podcast tour come together.

Make sure you provide the listeners with a smart, strategic, and high-value next step to take. That way, you can leave each episode with raving superfans who can not wait to click on your name in the show notes to learn more about you and what you do.

Now is the time to get really honest with yourself about the resources you offer Do you have a free resource of extremely high value?

That’s a logical next step after someone listens to you on the episodes.

What will make it impossible for someone not to click on the show notes and sign up for your email list, follow you on social media, or attend your next event?

Figure that out and you’ll soon start to see those downloads turning into dollars.

About Kelly Mosser

Kelly Mosser is a New York-based business strategist, speaker, and host of the top 2% podcast, The Aligned Success Show. She has a decade of experience supporting businesses from Fortune 500 powerhouses to hungry mid-sized startups and scrappy solo-preneurs.