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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

How Do I Find Podcasts To Be A Guest On?

How Do I Find Podcasts To Be A Guest On?

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Podcast guesting is rapidly becoming the next big thing across all industries and professions. It’s become so popular that 17 people are seeking to be a guest on every single active podcast. To rephrase that, there are 17 times the number of podcast guests than podcast hosts, and that number continues to climb! It’s no wonder the question, “How do I find podcasts to be a guest on?” has become so commonly asked!

The question about podcast guesting is valid, but it only captures a piece of the puzzle. Once you find podcasts to be a guest on, you still must land the opportunity. Then, you must do an excellent job during the interview. In this post, I’ll share how you can easily find podcasts to be a guest on. Additionally, how to make sure you’re getting accepted as a guest. And lastly, how to leave a lasting positive impression on podcast hosts and their listeners!

Before I get into the detailed steps for the three phases of podcast guesting, I will first answer the question that brought you here in the first place…

How do I find podcasts to be a guest on?

Joining is the best way to find podcasts to be a guest on. Once you create a profile, you’ll get automatically matched with podcast hosts who are actively searching for guests with your exact skillset and experience. You will immediately start getting podcast guesting opportunities!

Now that we’ve solidified that is the best way to get booked for podcast guest appearances, let me list out the exact steps for how to get yourself on PodMatch as a guest and what to do next.

Phase 1: Getting Booked As A Podcast Guest

Here are the exact 10 steps to take for efficiently finding and getting booked on podcasts as a guest:

  1. Visit
  2. Register as a podcast guest.
  3. Select one of their two options: Standard or Professional. (If you’re new to podcast guesting, Standard is a good plan to start with. You can always upgrade later!)
  4. Create your account + create your media one-sheet profile for podcast hosts to review. (PodMatch’s system will automatically guide you through this process and give you best practices.)
  5. Once you’ve completed setup, you’ll land on the dashboard, and within minutes, you’ll receive your first matches so you can start finding podcasts to be a guest on.
  6. To access your matches, at the top of the navigation menu (top center), you’ll see Matches with a number next to it in red. Click that, and you can review each of your matches. (It works very similarly to a dating app; you can “match” or “pass” with any host you’d like!)
  7. When you find a podcast that you’d like to be on, click the “Message” button and send a pitch to a guest on their podcast. (See Phase 2 for the pitching process)
  8. Once the podcast host reviews your profile one-sheet and the message that you sent, you’ll schedule a time to record.
  9. Once the recording date and time arrive, you’ll be featured as a guest on their podcast! (See Phase 3 for how to be a great guest)
  10. Repeat this process with as many podcasts on PodMatch as you’d like! (You can be on as many or as few podcasts as you’d like.)

Phase 2: How To Get Podcast Hosts To Accept You As A Guest

It all starts with the initial message you send to the podcast host. If you get this wrong, you won’t be a guest on their podcast. If you get it right, you will earn the chance to be featured on their podcast as a guest. Remember, you’re one of 17 people pitching this same podcast simultaneously. What are you going to do to stand out? You’re going to send the best pitch message they’ve ever received!

Before podcast guesting was so competitive, I had a 97% acceptance rate over hundreds of shows over a few years. Now that there are so many people looking to be a guest, my methods yield around 75% acceptance rates. I still consider that to be the best in the industry.

Here’s precisely how I do it: How to Pitch a Podcast That You Want to Be a Guest On

Now that you’re using to find podcasts to be a guest on, and you’re getting accepted because of your stellar pitch, the last thing is this: Being a good podcast guest!

Phase 3: How to Be The Best Podcast Guest

If you want to be a guest on more podcasts, the best thing you can do is do a good job every single time you’re a guest. There’s much to becoming a good podcast guest; too much to cover in this blog post. With that said, many podcast guesting experts have freely shared their wisdom in videos, podcast episodes, and even blog posts.

My suggestion to you, as a continued course of action after reading this, is to commit yourself to ongoing education about podcast guesting. Here’s the best place to learn:

Focus on doing an excellent job for the hosts who trust you to show up and add value to their audiences. That’s what it’s all about! Serving someone else by telling our stories.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the answer to the question, “How do I find podcasts to be a guest on?” Remember that you’re one of many people looking to be a podcast guest. Use to find podcasts actively seeking guests right now instead of fighting the crowds on social media. Get your pitch right; take your time on it to ensure that you get accepted above others who are pitching that same podcast host. And finally, make sure to show up and lead with value! Be the best guest you can, and you’ll get more opportunities before you know it!