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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

6 Steps for Finding Your Next Ideal Podcast Guest Without Wasting Time

Finding Your Next Ideal Podcast Guest Without Wasting Time

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

Podcasting can be challenging, with statistics indicating that only 13% of podcasters successfully make it through the first year. One often overlooked aspect that consumes considerable time is finding the right guest for your show. In this blog post, we’ll explore six steps to help you save time and energy while finding your next ideal podcast guest. So, let’s dive in!

Public apology: In the video version of this post, I referred to Gary V (and his strategy) as a dinosaur. Immediately after the webinar, my wife came into my studio and said, “Whoa, you said something rude about someone. I’ve known you for 13 years, and I’ve never heard you say anything bad about someone before.” … She was right. That was rude and not in my nature to typically say about someone. What I meant to get across is that I believe he’s completely misleading digital creators, and what he’s training isn’t practical and also hasn’t worked since 2017. (Dang, that sounds even meaner? Sorry! Haha)

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Quick disclaimer: Only apply the points below that work for you. Not everything I say is right… For you. Only you know what works for you. And below, what I am sharing is what has worked for me! I trust (and pray) that some of what I share will also serve you in your podcasting journey!

#1. Design a Listener Transformation Journey

To begin, it’s crucial to know your why, understand your target audience (avatar), and outline the transformation path you want to guide your listeners through. Having a clear understanding of these elements will help you align your guest selection with the purpose of your podcast and ensure that their insights contribute to your listeners’ growth and engagement.

#2. Create & Maintain An Episode Topic List

Maintaining a comprehensive list of episode topics is essential. Aim to have at least 50+ topics/ideas and niche them to suit your specific audience. Instead of focusing solely on ideal guest names, prioritize finding topics that resonate with your listeners. Once you discover a successful topic, explore related subtopics and leverage data analytics tools such as Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest or Google Trends to identify popular search terms that align with your content.

#3. Get Smarter About Finding Ideal Guests

When it comes to finding your next ideal podcast guest, it’s essential to be discerning and identify warning signs that might indicate a poor fit. Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

Beware of guests who always claim that everything is urgent.

As a podcaster, you know that nothing in the podcasting world is truly urgent. When guests have events, books, or products that are time-sensitive, they may not fully understand the nature of podcasting. Remember, most people will listen to your episode long after its release, even years later. Aim for evergreen content that remains relevant over time.

Confirm that the guest aligns with your vision by validating their suitability.

Put in the work and ask them specific questions about the topic you plan to cover together and how they would approach it. Their responses will help you determine if their perspective aligns with your audience’s desires. If their viewpoint aligns well with your target audience, it’s a good indication to book them. If not, it may be best to pass on them.

Be cautious of guests who exclusively work through traditional podcast booking agencies.

While it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad guests; it’s worth noting that they often pay significant amounts of money to these agencies to secure podcast appearances. This dynamic may shift their focus towards selling something for a return on investment. In the speaker’s experience, no exceptional guests have come through booking agencies. Consider charging these agencies for their talent if they are charging substantial amounts but not utilizing a tool like PodMatch agency, as it signifies their commitment.

Pay attention to whether potential guests invest in themselves.

If they rely solely on free directories and matching services, it may indicate a lack of dedication. A guest who is genuinely interested in being on your show should be willing to invest in themselves, just as they would for other forms of entertainment. Comparing the cost of popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney, which amount to around $28.00/month, to the $26.00/month cost of PodMatch, highlights the importance of valuing one’s message and demonstrating commitment.

Be wary of guests who primarily engage in cold direct messages (DMs) or email outreach.

These individuals, often referred to as “connection/network people,” typically spend a lot of time on social media and tend to deliver lower-quality pitches. They may be sending similar messages to you and numerous others, lacking a personalized approach.

Take note of guests who use the word “I” and rely heavily on sharing their credentials. If their pitches consist of self-centered statements and a generic pitch, it may be best to pass on them. Look for guests who focus on the value they can provide to your audience and present unique perspectives.

#4. Stop The Noise: Forms, Automations, Dripped Content

In an era of overwhelming online content creation, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself and make meaningful connections. Here are three steps to help you cut through the noise:

  • Dripped Content: Instead of succumbing to the hustle and creating more content that receives less attention, focus on being human and authentic, connecting with your audience on a personal level.
  • Stop Using Forms: Treat each potential guest equally and avoid subjecting them to unnecessary paperwork, which can leave a negative impression and waste time.
  • Automations: Be cautious of automating for the sake of automation, as it can lead to more complex problems. Simplify your processes and avoid excessive tool integration.

#5. Streamline All Communication to a Single Place

To optimize efficiency, channel all guest communication to a single platform. Whether email, direct messages, or a dedicated podcast guest platform like PodMatch, centralizing communication allows you to consolidate guest information effortlessly. Regularly update your PodMatch ideal guest criteria tags and descriptions as you discover new guests.

If ANY potential guest reaches out to me ANYWHERE other than PodMatch directly, here are the automatic response option templates that we use:



Hey NAME! Thank you so much for reaching out about being a guest on Podcasting Made Simple! This is Alecia one of Alex’s teammates.

Are you already a PodMatch member? If so, here’s Podcasting Made Simple’s profile, where you can message Alex about being a guest.

Alex only considers/accepts guests directly from PodMatch. Feel free to message him there.

Alex told me he is actively seeking guests for the show, so he’ll be looking out for your message.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Hey NAME! This is Alecia. Thank you so much for reaching out about having TALENT_NAME as a guest on Podcasting Made Simple!

Alex only considers/accepts guests directly from PodMatch. You’ll have to message him there.

If you’re interested in having your client considered for the show, you’ll have to do so via PodMatch. (Here’s Podcasting Made Simple’s profile) You can either create a single login for this client or create a PodMatch Agency ( account to manage all of your clients. Either way, be sure to message Podcasting Made Simple/Alex from inside PodMatch to be considered a guest.

Alex told me he is actively seeking guests for the show, so he’ll be looking out for your message. 🙂



Hey NAME, thank you so much for reaching out about being a guest on Podcasting Made Simple!

I exclusively get guests for the show from PodMatch. Are you on there? If so, send me a message! (Here’s Podcasting Made Simple’s profile)

Thanks for being interested in this! Looking forward to hearing from you there.

Remember: It’s important that you funnel everyone to a single place! Here’s a video I did on that topic: Funnel People Into PodMatch

#6. Stay True to The Journey: Trust Yourself

Trust your intuition and be willing to say no if a potential guest doesn’t align with your podcast’s direction. Remember, your responsibility lies with your listeners, not with managing potential guests’ feelings. By remaining true to your journey and prioritizing your audience, you’ll foster loyalty and a growing listener base.

There you have it, Finding Your Next Ideal Podcast Guest Without Wasting Time!

Finding the right podcast guest can be time-consuming, but following these six steps can streamline the process while ensuring that each guest contributes to your show’s growth and engagement. Remember to design a listener transformation journey, maintain an episode topic list, be discerning when selecting guests, eliminate unnecessary noise, streamline communication, and trust your instincts. By implementing these strategies, you’ll increase your chances of finding ideal guests efficiently and effectively. Good luck on your podcasting journey!

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