Quarterly (January)
A Virtual Podcasting Event Focused On Sharing Ideas That Help Podcast Guests and Hosts Grow Their Influence, Revenue and Expertise. (Read More)
$23.50 $47>
13 sessions focused on helping podcast guests and hosts grow
Live Q&A sessions with speakers for specialized help
Collaboration opportunities with other attending members
Exclusive discounts and access to products/services
Ongoing communication with the community and speakers
Exclusive replay access after the live event ends


Alex Sanfilippo

Jaime Legagneur

Tom Rossi

Co-founder of Buzzsprout

Brenden Kumarasamy

Grant Baldwin

Kendra Swalls

Sara Lohse

Kelly Mosser

Tamra Andress

Kate Erickson

Deirdre Tshien

Dan R Morris

PodPros Quarterly Description

This is a one-of-a-kind podcasting virtual event experience specifically for podcast guests and podcast hosts to learn to improve their craft so they can make a bigger impact on the world that hears their voices through podcasting.
Think about the style of a TED talk, but for podcasting. That’s what we’re doing with this event; sharing good ideas for podcast guests or podcast hosts.