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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

New Podcast Category Announced: Actively Established

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How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

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New podcast category announcement!!!

But first…

👋 I NEED HELP from independent podcast hosts who have been podcasting for a minimum of 15 months with 60+ episodes in interview format.

This post is the start/announcement of a new project that will (hopefully) become the most helpful software for serving independent podcasters in their journey toward succeeding as creators.

It is going to be in a controlled open-source format. (Uncorruptable) This project is part of the PodValue initiative that we started with PodMatch when we began sharing our revenue with podcast hosts. 💜

I want to share some podcasting stats before moving on.

Real-time stats

➤ 2,655,060 podcasts on Apple.
➤ 393,388 active podcasts.
➤ 85% churn rate (podfade) in the active podcasts within 12 months.
➤ 22 months in a row of no increase in active podcasts. The number stays the same because as a show podfades, another show takes its place. (Revolving door effect)
➤ WHAT THIS MEANS: Only 59,008 podcasts remain active year after year!

👆 This is where the new podcast category comes into play, which is made up of the 59k shows referenced above.

I’m calling it Actively Established. 🙌

Actively Established = Podcasts in existence for longer than 15 months that have 60 episodes or more with an episode release cadence of 10 days or less.

In podcasting, (almost) all of the listenership, monetization, influence, and positive impact on the world are directly connected to these 59k shows.

🔴 THE PROBLEM WITH THIS: The 59k Actively Established podcast includes shows controlled by mainstream media, big corporations, celebrities/influencers (who are paid to push an agenda), politically controlled shows, and shows with a strict focus on profit generation (B2B).

^ When you filter out the above shows, how many are left? 🤔

The beauty of podcasting has always been the agendaless content of independent voices sharing what they believe, influencing listeners seeking guidance. Ultimately this makes the world a more informed, educated, and better place!

Podcasting is the most impactful form of media because of this.

But it’s under attack, and unless we can get more indie podcasters to reach this Actively Established category, podcasting will become just another mainstream media outlet. (Controlled, biased, and inaccurate.)

✅ MY GOAL: To help an additional 8,000 independent podcasters reach this Actively Established category by summer 2025.

This goal is too big for me to achieve on my own. That’s why I need the help of independent podcasters who are already in this Actively Established category to help me create this roadmap for the next generation of up-and-coming podcasters.


👉 If you’re a podcaster whose show is already in this Actively Established category, can I reach out to you for some advice/help?

Together, we’ll help podcasting continue to be the ultimate content that serves the world and drives it forward! Love you all! 🤟

To become part of this project, comment on my social media post: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram