About PodPros

More Importantly: What We Do For You And The Podcasting Industry

Why We Exist

Created to Serve

PodPros was created to serve the podcasting industry, both the independent show hosts and the guests who appear on their shows.

We believe that the primary way the world is being served is through podcasting. TV and social media are heavily agenda-driven and as a result, it’s impossible to find true independent voices using those platforms. Podcasting however is as raw as it gets. Because we believe in elevating the voices of independent people who have their own perspectives, we do all we can to help the podcasting industry thrive!

PodPros here to serve

How We Help

The Problem Podcasters Are Facing

Unfortunately, only 10% of people who start podcasts make it to the one-year mark of their show. Meaning, there is a 90% failure rate for podcasters who have their own shows. At PodPros, we are devoted to helping improve the chances of independent podcasters; even if it means we can only improve the success rate by 1%, we’re going to do all we can to serve the podcasting industry!


PodPros Software Solutions

How we at PodPros serve the podcasting industry: We develop software solutions that help and support podcasters and their guests to make the entire process more cost-effective, less time-consuming, and all-around a more joyous experience.

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Focused on helping grow the podcasting industry

We Seek First to Serve (Member Obsession)
We are obsessed with giving 110% to our members. We do not consider anyone who uses our service a “customer” or “user” instead, we view each of them as co-collaborators in our devotion to serve the world. We believe in operating our business as Jesus (from the Bible) operated his life, to seek first to be a person of value, to serve others, not yourself. This is the foundation of our business.

Driven by the Creation of Solutions
We are an inventive group that aims to continuously dive into the community of our area of passion (podcasting) to identify problems and then create solutions for those problems. Our entire team is made up of individual creative/inventive people who all have the same member obsession in mind when considering what solutions, we need to set out to create next.

A Bias for Action and Individual Ownership
Each PodPros staff member has been empowered for action. When we make a mistake, or don’t meet expectations, we own it, then fix it. We seek to solve our members problems without hesitation. You will never be bounced around different departments or team members, whoever you come in contact with will see your problem through until a solution is found.

Devotion to Excellence and Continuous Improvement
We never strive for perfection, instead we strive to maintain our bias for swift action while continuously improving our services for our members enjoyment. We focus on continuously improving the services that we offer by listening to our members and allowing them to design the roadmap for what we work on and develop next. We value all feedback from our members.


The people who make it happen


5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to grow as an organization, we are always looking for more like-minded talent. If you’d like to submit a resume, please do so using the contact details on our Contact page.

PodPros is currently not looking for funding, but that could change at any point. If you would like to be contacted if ever we do begin searching for funding, please reach out to us using the methods on our Contact page to let us know.

Yes! We are always looking for partners to serve the podcasting industry together. Please use the Contact page to reach out and let us know of your idea.

Yes! We’re always looking to work with others who are passionate to help podcasters. Use the Contact page to reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do together!

We’re not a hosting provider, but we do recommend working with Buzzsprout, that’s our favorite!