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PodPros Exists To Create Solutions That Solve Problems For Podcasters

Why We Exist

Created to Serve

PodPros was created to elevate the voices of independent podcasters and their guests.

We do this by creating software solutions that simplify the podcasting process, both from a time and financial perspective. This way, podcasters can focus on the main thing: releasing content that serves the world!

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The Problem With Podcasting

There are only 38k 'real' podcasters...

The mission of PodPros is to simultaneously help 8,000 active independent podcasters reach the status of Actively Established, a category that only 38k of the 2.8M podcasts fall into.

At any given time, there are only 400k podcasts actively producing episodes; within 12 months, 88% of the 400k active shows will podfade while at the same time, another 362k podcasts will start and be temporarily active until podfading, creating a rotating door effect. Thus, the 400k active number of podcasts remains the same. This leaves only 38k that withstand the test of time, hence falling into the category of Actively Established.

At PodPros we've made it our goal to increase the total number of Actively Established shows by 22.8% (Which decreases the industry total podfade by 2%). That's 8,000 additional podcasts in the Actively Established category!

Unless a podcast falls within this Actively Established category, it will have little to no influence, listenership, or impact. This must change because many of the largest mainstream podcasts share the same information that traditional media outlets share. The power of podcasting is the freedom that only an independent voice can share!

The purpose behind PodPros' goal is to help elevate the voices of these independent podcasters so their (and their guests') message can positively impact those who listen, which in turn will make the world a better place!


To become one of the 38k podcasters who are succeeding, you need the right tools...

This is how PodPros serves the podcasting industry: We develop software solutions that make the entire podcasting process more cost-effective, less time-consuming, and all-around a more joyous experience.

PodPros Solutions For Podcasters:

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Our core values are what drive us. Here’s who we are as a company and what you can expect when you work with us:


Customers, users, clients; these are words you’ll never hear us say. If you’re part of PodMatch, you’re a member. As a member of our community/family, you will never be treated like a “number”; instead, you’ll be treated respectfully as you deserve. If you communicate with us on any level, you’ll be warmly greeted by a person ready to serve.


We carry no sense of entitlement. We’re here to serve others, not ourselves. We believe in servant leadership as modeled by Jesus from the Bible. Our internal goals are not to increase our revenue or signups. Instead, we seek to offer solutions that help our members reach their goals faster and more efficiently.


We’re bootstrapped and have not taken any investor capital. Because no one owns us, we can get it done for our members. When our members share a good idea, we deliver fast. We’re crazy agile in giving our members what’s valuable for them as quickly as possible and then focusing on continuous improvement.


The people who make it happen

We believe in a lean staff and agile products. We ship quickly and keep it affordable for our members!


PodPros is about elevating independent voices through podcasting. That is 100% why we exist. We don't care about making money (In fact, we give 50% of it back to podcasters, and we give away the majority of what we 'take home' as well) All we care about is building community among podcasters and helping you (the podcaster) improve your craft and impact listeners lives!