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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

Quick wins for podcast guests starting out

5 Quick Wins For Podcast Guests Just Starting Out

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

As new/future podcast guests, we’re all looking for ways to start guesting successfully and get noticed by podcasters, all while improving as a guest and gaining confidence from day one. After being on a few hundred shows, I’ve reflected on how I have been privileged with so many guesting opportunities; I’ll share those with you here!

In this short blog post, you’ll learn five quick things you can start doing today that will help you begin to show up as the best possible podcast guest!

I have created a similar guide for podcast hosts. Check it out here!

1. Create a Singular Call to Action For Listeners

To succeed as a podcast guest, you must limit yourself to ONE single call to action. When the host asks, “Where can listeners learn more about you?”, make sure to answer with just one quick and free thing that is easy to remember and provides a clear ‘quick win’ value for the listeners.

Here are some guidelines for your CTA:

  1. Own this space with your own domain; don’t direct to a social media profile.
  2. Mention only one thing, never more than one.
  3. Keep your time to share the link under 30 seconds.
  4. Make it short, inviting, and offer a great free benefit for the listeners.

For an in-depth understanding of crafting an effective CTA as a podcast guest, check out our premium course on this topic.  It will help you become a pro at it and increase your conversion rate significantly.

You can also read, listen or watch these episodes that delve further into crafting the perfect CTA:

2. Don’t Focus on Download Numbers

When people venture into podcast guesting, they often have grand ambitions of appearing on big shows like Joe Rogan’s. However, I want to emphasize that trying to get on such massive shows can be a waste of time.

Here’s why:

1. Getting on a show like Joe Rogan’s can take years of relentless effort, and even if you do manage to appear on it, you might not see significant traction. Listeners of such big shows are often more interested in the host’s celebrity status than the guest.

2. I’ve personally been on five shows with over 1 million monthly listeners, and while I did exceptionally well, the business impact was minimal. Surprisingly, I get five times the traction from smaller shows with less than 1,000 total downloads/listens.

To be a successful podcast guest, focus on the following:

1. Think about your specific niche. The best shows to appear on are not necessarily the largest ones but rather the ones with a highly specific audience known by the host.

2. Aim for shows where the listeners align with your purpose. Adding value to such shows will lead to a better return on investment.


The riches are in the niches!

Targeting shows with a specific and engaged audience can bring you more success as a podcast guest.

For more insights on this topic, check out this video/podcast episode titled: Convert Listeners Into High-Quality Leads.

3. Get Professional Pictures Taken of Yourself

To increase your chances of getting booked as a guest on more podcasts, make sure you have high-quality approved media photos of yourself. Standard headshots are essential but don’t forget to include some fun ones that showcase your personality.

Having a variety of images makes it easier for hosts to promote you. When you provide them with pictures, they have valuable content to share, which benefits both you and the host.

For reference, you can check out my one-sheet: and my additional images page.

If you need more assistance with this, I recommend watching/listening to the video/podcast episode titled How to Get Good Photos of Yourself For Podcasting. Hiring a photographer can be a valuable investment to ensure you have excellent images that enhance your podcasting journey.

4. Work on Your Pitch So Hosts Say “Yes”

As you delve into podcast guesting, you’ll encounter a common frustration: reaching out to hosts about being on their show and receiving no response at all. But don’t worry, I’ve developed a formula that has proven highly effective for me, leading to bookings on most of the podcasts I reach out to.

Here’s an overview of what I do:

1. Lead with Value
2. Make a Meaningful Request
3. Offer Credibility
4. Mention Sharing the Episode
5. Make it Easy to Say No

If you want to master this approach, here are two resources that will be extremely helpful:

1. Read this blog post that explains my exact pitching strategy.

2. Listen to this masterclass I shared on Entrepreneurs on Fire, where I go in-depth on this topic.

I encourage you not to skip this valuable information. By improving your pitching skills, you’ll increase your chances of getting booked on more shows significantly. It’s a game-changer for podcast guesting success!

5. Be Part of The Podcast Industry

You know what? You’re a podcaster!

Being a podcaster doesn’t mean you have to be a podcast host. Podcasters can exist on both sides of the microphone – as hosts and guests.

To excel in the podcasting space, start thinking of yourself as a podcaster and actively contribute to the industry.

Merely going from show to show without any involvement won’t make you a great podcast guest.

Here’s how you can become an active part of the podcasting industry:

1. Listen to podcasts about podcast guesting. I recommend our show, Podcasting Made Simple, which specifically covers podcast guesting every other week.

2. Engage with the podcasting community. You’re already part of the PodMatch community! Explore it here.

3. Attend a podcasting conference. Our uniquely tailored conference, PodTalks, is a great recommendation.

4. Stay updated with a podcasting newsletter. We recommend PodNews.

For those seeking to take their involvement to the next level:

Join a podcasting mastermind group. Consider exploring the PodMatch Elite Mastermind here. (Please note that this option is not mandatory and may not be suitable for everyone.)

By actively participating in the podcasting industry, you’ll position yourself for greater success as a podcast guest. Embrace the role of being a podcaster in all its aspects, and you’ll thrive in this space.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this quick course! I hope that all 5 wins were helpful to you.

Here are a few next steps for you:

First, if you want some podcasting-specific clothing/gear, here’s a 20% off discount code for our store, Pod.Style (Use code ‘QUICKWIN’ at checkout)

Second, focus on continued education, here are some ideas for you:

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  3. 12 Steps on How To Be a Great Podcasts Guest (And Get Booked)

And finally, get on PodMatch if you’re not already there! It’s the quickest, most efficient way to get booked on podcasts that are relevant to your niche.