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Want 5 quick ways to improve as a podcast host or guest?

5 Quick Growth Strategies For Podcast Hosts​

Table of Contents

How are you doing in podcasting as a guest, host, or both?

As podcast hosts, we’re all looking for ways to grow our show and improve our overall podcasting craft. Many of these strategies can be time-consuming and difficult to implement.

That’s NOT what I’m sharing here. In this blog, you’ll learn five quick strategies you can start executing today to grow and improve your podcast!

I have created a similar guide for podcast guests just starting out. Check it out here!

1. Niche down on Your Podcast

General podcasts are not growing anymore. That’s been known for a while. But, what’s also not growing are category-specific podcasts that are “all-encompassing.”

This means if you have a “business podcast” that covers all things business, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc., it will not grow. You need to find a niche that will give it an edge.

So instead of a business podcast, have a podcast that is specifically about closing sales faster. That’s a show that will do better!

Take a few minutes to watch, read, or listen to this episode where our guest Jeremy Enns shares 3 steps to make your podcast stand out even more.

Keep in mind: 

It’s never too late to change your podcast!

2. Have a System For Managing and Onboarding Guests

If you plan to have guests on your podcast or already do, having an efficient system is crucial to avoid wasting time and ensure a smooth process. Many hosts often engage in time-wasting activities when dealing with their guests, such as explaining the show’s purpose, audience, and guest process, collecting various guest details like photos, website links, and bios, as well as coordinating recording times through back-and-forth emails.

To overcome these issues and prevent annoying your guests, consider implementing a 3-fold solution:

1. Create a public profile for your podcast with all the necessary details. This profile will serve as a centralized source of information about your show for potential guests.

2. Utilize a guest’s one-sheet to streamline the process of collecting required information. This one-sheet can include details like bio, social media links, and other relevant data.

3. Employ a scheduling calendar and chat software for administrative purposes. By doing so, you can avoid exchanging emails, which can be cumbersome for both hosts and guests.


Thankfully, PodMatch offers all three solutions mentioned above. It provides a platform where hosts can have public profiles for their podcasts, and guests can access these profiles to find the necessary information. The platform also incorporates a messaging system that allows hosts and guests to communicate efficiently, access calendars for scheduling, and work on all the essential details.

For those interested in being a guest on your podcast, you can simply direct them to your public profile on PodMatch, where they will find all the relevant details about your show. Similarly, if you are invited to be a guest on someone else’s podcast, you can direct the host to your personal website (e.g. for all the information they need.

By using PodMatch you eliminate the need for endless email exchanges and save valuable time for both hosts and guests. Investing in this platform could be one of the best decisions you make to optimize your podcasting experience.

To get started, visit PodMatch and take advantage of the benefits it offers.

3. Be a Podcast Guest on Other Shows

This strategy borrows a lot from the previous one.

The easiest way to guest on other shows is to join PodMatch as a guest. (If you’ve already joined or plan to join as a host, you can add a guest account from the menu at any time to become a ‘hybrid’ member.)

Being a guest on podcasts will raise awareness of your show. One thing we know about podcast listeners, it’s that they listen to podcasts! Start getting on other shows in similar niches to yours, and watch your audience begin to grow!

Three resources to help you as a podcast guest:

4. Leverage Pro Podcasting Tools/Services/Gear

There are a lot of ‘free’ podcasting tools and services out there. But, you get what you pay for.

If you want to stand out as a podcaster, you have to invest in yourself. This means your podcasting setup, including tools, services, and gear.

I’m not about to ask you to spend $5,000.00. In fact, you may be surprised how affordable it is to stand out in the podcasting world.

Here is a list of my favorite podcasting things that will make you look like a pro:

  • Podcast hosting provider: Buzzsprout (Use code 3FREE)
  • Remote recording software: Squadcast
  • Preferred mic that makes you look awesome: Shure MV7
  • Stop editing your own podcast: Hire an Editor (DM me on Instagram. We have a list of affordable preferred people to use!)
  • Get some extra help, hire a virtual assistant: FreeUp
  • To find guests and be a guest: PodMatch
  • Get your podcast organized: PodcastSOP
  • Get more reviews for your podcast: PodLottery

5. Be An Active Member of The Podcast Industry

One of the biggest mistakes I see both new and experienced podcasters make is not being actively involved in the podcasting industry. Simply having a podcast is not enough; to be a successful podcaster, you need to engage with the industry.

Here’s how you can become a part of the podcasting industry:

1. Listen to podcasts about podcasting. One recommendation is our show: Podcasting Made Simple.

2. Get involved in the podcasting community. You’re already part of the PodMatch community. Explore it here:

3. Attend a podcasting conference. Consider checking out our unique conference:

4. Subscribe to a podcasting newsletter. We recommend PodNews:

For those looking to take their involvement to the next level:

Join a podcasting mastermind group. You can explore the PodMatch Elite Mastermind here. (Note: This is an optional step and may not be for everyone.)

A word of advice: When people from the podcasting industry reach out to you (cold outreach), respond with kindness and respect. Avoid being rude or dismissive, even if they are trying to sell you something. The podcasting industry thrives on kindness and abundance, and adopting this outlook is crucial for your success.

Remember, being mean to others in the industry will not lead to positive outcomes. Embrace a positive attitude, be nice, and show kindness to others to become a winner in the podcasting world. Together, we can all thrive and make this industry a better place.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this article! I hope that all 5 wins were helpful for you as a podcast host.

Here are a few next steps for you:

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